The forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot from Paul Feig has found its quartet of funny ladies and is readying for production. Naturally, once the reboot button has been pushed, there’s no going back, and a sequel to 1989’s Ghostbusters 2 can be officially ruled out. Right?

Speaking to Sirius XM, Dan Aykroyd has teased that a “conventional” sequel could still happen.  

"There's three drafts of the old concept that exists. And we're going to be able to salvage some of it and use it. We're going to be able to use it some day. Let's get this one made, and that will reinvigorate the franchise and then we'll go on to maybe doing a more conventional third sequel as we were planning and another idea I have for it.

I would love to believe that a Ghostbusters 3 might one day happen if I'm honest, there is a part of me that will never stop hoping despite knowing it won't happen. The sad truth is that the passing of Harold Ramis and Bill Murray’s lack of enthusiasm means that any continuation to the original franchise just wouldn’t be the same. Should the reboot be a hit, you can bet there will be a sequel and it won’t be 20 odd years in development before arriving in cinemas.

Speaking about the all female reboot Aykroyd was highly complimentary of Paul Feig’s cast;

“The real reality in fact of the third movie with this tremendous cast of women, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig - I've got three daughters, so I'm all for female empowerment… [Feig] establishes the voices beautifully in these characters. 

Now of course, he's got masters playing the roles for him, so this is going to really work in our favour for the third movie."

Ghostbusters is released on July 22, 2016.