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Libera, My Love

  • Drama

Director Mauro Bolognini inserts this story in Fascist Italy, with careful attention to details. The couple formed by Matteo Zannoni (Bruno Cirino) and Libera Valente (Cardinale) can't bear fascism. They move constantly between cities, settling down in Modena, where Libera quickly collides with the fascist political commissar Franco Testa (Philippe Leroy). Libera has to suffer awful moments due to her attachment to the resistance, and to the political and sexual harassment from Testa.


Adolfo CeliFelice Valente - Libera's father
Philippe LeroyFranco Testa
Rosalba NeriWanda
Bekim FehmiuSandro Poggi
Franco BalducciThe police commissioner
Luigi DibertiCeccarelli, the taxi driver

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