It's no secret that DC Films have not lived up to expectations and when Telltale Games announce their own Batman series that sends us running from the cinemas to the safety of our living room to play that all-new game series.

Telltale have become pioneers of storytelling in the games industry with The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Minecraft and more. 

In Batman the master crafters of tales bring us elements of an origin story, a Gotham in crisis and a surprising lifestyle that will leave you wondering whether or not your decisions have irreversibly changed the fate of Gotham City.

Telltale games know that we've seen the origin story a million times before, if you've not seen it, you know of it. That's how iconic Batman as a character is in popular culture. However they don't totally do away with the Wayne demise. Bruce is haunted by the Wayne name, does he live up to the nobility that his parents offered the city or do you as Bruce Wayne take a new more decisive direction to make deals for the sake of making them or do you jeopardise the future of the city, or a certain political campaign by siding with crooks in order to obtain votes?

As always every choice has an adverse affect on the future of your game and in this one Telltale are not going to make it easy on the player. One thing we loved was the game allowing us to play the dual lifestyle, the billionaire by day making moves to save Gotham through the proper channels and by night, the Batman. Each have their benefits but both have their pitfalls. Alfred plays the concerned parent as a wounded Bruce returns home each morning, warning of the dangers of taking a step too far, becoming a monster. How you respond to Alfred and your legacy could truly be mind blowing in terms of outcomes.

Be smart. Make the right moves. It all counts.

Batman Episode 1: Realm Of Shadows introduces us to a whole host of characters who are voice acted down to the wire. Some have criticised Troy Baker for dialing it in but he does a great job of playing both Bruce and Batman alongside the rest of the voice cast. It's the devil in the detail that makes this a new chapter in the Telltale catalogue. It looks smarter than previous games, even Game of Thrones had issues with stuttering scenes and clipping but here we have a living, breathing comic that while not perfect really draws the play into the experience.

This is a masterful opening to a game series and we're already chomping at the bit for episode 2 which arrives on all platforms on September 20.

Queue them up and knock them out of the park. This is a series not to be missed and it pisses all over Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad.