Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical film about the lead singer of the British rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury. It was directed by Bryan Singer and Dexter Fletcher after Singer was fired. It stars Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joe Mazzello, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, Allen Leech, and Mike Myers.

The Story/The Direction:

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This film follows Mercury (Malek) after he joins the band after they lost their lead singer. He is this amazing singer and now they are Queen and they are hit. Over the course of the film, they become one of the biggest things since sliced bread and the iconic songs are written. The film is leading up to their Live Aid performance in 1985. The band breaks up for a while and then they get back together and Freddie hits his low point and recovers. This film crosses everything off the musical biopic list. The director(s) keep the film fairly simple and safe and fairly entertaining given that the audience enjoys Queen music. 

The Characters:

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Freddie Mercury was a performer on and off the stage and Malek dives right in. He really taps into Mercury's energy and really makes the audience feel that he IS Freddy. The rest of the cast is fairly good in their roles and the younger versions of Queen were very well cast, which makes sense as the surviving members of Queen. Malek, alone, is worth the price of admission even if the rest of the film is not.

The Flaws:

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The worst part of this film is the writing and unfortunately, that affects the entire film. The audience is given situations that do not have reasoning such as Freddy's musical talent. It is said that he has a bigger mouth which allows him to sing well but that's it. There's no indication of how he learned to sing or even play an instrument. This is a problem because if you take away any prior knowledge of Freddie, this film gives you little to nothing of his background.  Additionally, the band's creation of the iconic songs is silly at best as there is nothing shown on the songwriting. Each time another member brings an idea and it becomes a hit. That's all. The meta cameo is also fairly silly and forced. The film also is a big disservice to Freddy as an AIDs activist. In this film, it is used as a plot device for the final scene to mean more as the reveal that he had AIDs was after the final scene in real life.  This film may not be a documentary but when the person that the film is about is told wrongly, it's a problem.


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Honestly,  this film will be enjoyable for any Queen fan and Malek is a great time to watch. However, the writing issues really prevent this film from being rewatchable. One could get the same enjoyment from this only good film when one listens to Queen music. As mentioned, it is good and is a good time at the theatre.

Rating: 3.0/5.0 bowties

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