When tough boss Carol (Jennifer Aniston) cracks down on the failing branch of the business run by her laid-back brother Clay (TJ Miller), he and his fired-up staff fight back. But deciding to throw an epic office Christmas party to impress and land a big-shot client to save everyone?s job might not be the best idea they?ve ever had.

Booze fuelled fun with an injection of the holiday spirit. It's been a while since I smiled and laughed as much as I did watching Office Christmas Party, a film I would have avoided tirelessly due to the word "Christmas" being in the title. I relented and boy am I glad I did.

Jennifer Aniston is a bombshell full to the brim with comedy timing and gold. Jason Bateman is, well, Jason Bateman. Kate McKinnon is a master of subterfuge and office policy, TJ Miller is as always a laugh a minute especially when coupled with on screen sibling Jennifer Aniston.

From the outside looking inOffice Christmas Partymay look like a poor option for a Christmas comedy but unwrapping this glorious piece of comedy is a joy from start to finish. All the characters while not completely stereotypical are recognisable. From the jobsworth checking in on health and safety, to the irresponsible and lazy boss whose attitude could be seen as lacking. Then we have the dedicated souls who keep businesses running and the bulldog bosses who just have to be in control.

The thing thatOffice Christmas Partyoffers is pure joy. Outrageous joy that comes at the expense of the cast getting knocked about, fucked up and basically doing whatever they feel like. To see Jennifer Aniston put TJ Miller in a headlock is hilariously and mildly arousing, until he attempts to well... check out the clip above.

Full of expletives and other worldly antics, this is an office party that pushes the boundaries of decency and humour and gets it right on every level.

Jillian Bell deserves one massive shout out as the bi polar pimp whose mood swings could see your brains on the dashboard or perhaps she'll be the best friend you never had.

Office Christmas Party does what all great Christmas films should do. Takes you on an outrageous ride and then leaves you with the warm and fuzzies by the time the end credits and the blooper reel rolls.