Creed II is a sports drama film directed by Steven Caple Jr., and written by Juel Taylor and Sylvester Stallone  It is a sequel to Creed and is the eighth overall film in the Rocky film series. It stars Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad,  Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, Wood Harris.

The Story/The Direction:

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This film takes places a few years after the events of the prior film. Adonis (Jordan) has now become the WBC champion but he feels underwhelmed until one day a new challenger comes along. Victor Drago (Muntenau), son of Ivan Drago (Lundgren), is challenging Donnie to a fight. This is the fight the world has waited for, Creed vs Drago. Rocky (Stallone) is hesitant and leaves Donnie to fight him on his own. Outside of the fight, the relationship between Donnie and Bianca (Thompson) develops to become the heart of the film. 

Image result for creed IICaple does a comendable job with the film given this is his first big budget movie. While not as good as Coogler, he is very serviceable and is able to capture a lot of what made the first film great. The fights are very enjoyable and move the story along in a very solid way. The music is good by Ludwig Göransson and Caple keeps his characters moving forward in their stories that one can still feel as attached as they did through the prior film.

The Characters:

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The scene stealers in this film are Jordan and Thompson who have some amazing chemistry on screen. They tap into these characters more so than they did in the past film. One scene in particular shows this in a hospital that has both of them pushing their characters down a fairly dark path. Stallone does another decent outing as one of his most famous characters and the return of the Dragos are as decent. Rashad is still able to comand the screen even when she does not have as much screen time as she probably should.


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The biggest flaw however is that this film relies too much on prior films. It not only is a sequel to Creed but also to the other Rocky films. This unfortunately makes the film fall sick to "sequel-itus." It is a bigger film and more grandoise one in comparsion to the prior film but it lost some of its strong points. Creed is able to stand alone as a film however this film is not so much so that even the music plays old theme songs from the earlier Rocky movies. This film honeslty plays it fairly safe when it comes to its story. It progresses the characters but that is all. 


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This film is very enjoyable and any Rocky or Creed fan will enjoy this film from start to finish however the magic that Coogler brought to the first film is no longer there. It, however, does have a phenomenal cast playing these loved characters as well as entertaining fight scenes. This makes this great yet flawed film definately worth checking out and buying the Bluray.

Rating: 4.0/5.0 bowties

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