The following contains no spoilers for Deadpool 2.

How in god's name is it possible that I'm writing this? How is it possible that you're reading this? Comic book fans had been hoping to one day see Deadpool on the silver screen. A few animated outings had shown folks just how entertaining the Merc with a Mouth could be even without trademark characters like Yellow Box and White Box for him to converse with. Despite the "setback" that was Wolverine Origins, fans seemed to have really enjoyed Ryan Reynolds' short speaking role and as bad as Blade Trinity was, he was basically Deadpool hunting Vampires. Still there was no inspiration in the board rooms to come up with a film starring Deadpool and the initial test footage was passed around and turned down.

Until it leaked.

The internet exploded, the first film was greenlit, a phenomenon began. Seemingly overnight people were abuzz. We were reminded that Ryan Reynolds' Twitter history basically showed him to be the living Wade Wilson and everything was perfect until the film released. Then it was perfect all over again. The first Deadpool wasn't just this miracle of fan lobbying uncaring studios on what they thought would be a sure failure. No, it was both a financial and critical success; breaking records of the former and being a welcome surprise for the latter. And it's R rated. How, did this, happen? Was this possibly the shrewdest marketing hoodwink ever pulled? Was this lightning in a bottle? Was this the one in thirty billion anomaly that just WORKED like the original Ghostbusters?

Well it's 2018 and the sequel is out so let's answer that question.

Contrary to popular belief lightning does indeed strike twice. Deadpool 2 is just as much the wildly fun, ridiculous, smart, action packed, mutant filled, foul mouthed, no holds barred fun time its predecessor was. The jokes come quick, the feels hit harder than you'd think, the ass kicking takes great advantage of the various abilities of everyone throwing a punch and the meta jokes are beyond anything you could have hoped for.

There exists a common problem with successful films that break the mould, that the sequel just takes what is the perceived success factor of the first film, over does it, and ruins the experience. We saw this with Pacific Rim 2, the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Jurassic Park, etc. Deadpool 2 thankfully doesn't suffer from this problem. As much as people remember it for the meta jokes and ridiculous action there was the balance struck by making Wade a properly sympathetic character. Him trying to memorize Vanessa's face right after learning he's about to die is a pretty unexpected feels train in a film that celebrated the calendar through an amazingly hilarious sexcapade literally three minutes earlier. His character arc against Francis coming to its end once he realized he cared more about Vanessa than he did about his revenge is poignantly climaxed with: "What's my name?" "Who cares?". Deadpool 2 maintains this balance between the gags and the emotional moments by continuing to showcase the action as the result of sympathetic circumstances.

Adding in the various members of X-Force was loads of fun and no cast member feels tacked on. Everyone has their pay off moment and the closer you pay attention the more you pick up on. In the same way you can keep watching Arrested Development and find ever more jokes and one liners, Deadpool 2 will have you laughing in layers every time you watch it.

Deadpool 2 is an all cylinders hit. The consequence of giving the unabashed good time that was the first film a substantial budget and letting the people that made that one a success steer the sequel to greatness. While it isn't surprisingly fun the way the first movie was, Deadpool 2 builds on the foundations laid by its predecessor to gloriously funny results. The post credit scene is one of the best rewards you could ask for as a fan of entertainment media and I can't wait to pick up the sound track because this film has THE BEST operatic villain theme ever.

This. Film. Rocks. PERIOD.