It's a strange one. Deus Ex has been one of the biggest RPG/FPS franchises for years and this, this third installment is our first introduction to the main protaganist Adam Jensen, he's an augmented human who has been through a lot and thankfully before you star playing you can watch a fifteen minute recap of the previous games.

The recap doesn't tell you everything you need to know so there will be some confusion along the way.

Starting out you're thrown into a mission with Adam, now for us we weren't used to the combat and it is a delicate thing to master even with the tutorials showing you the way. Adam at times feels very brittle and not like the cybernetic god the ads led us to believe. That comes in time though.

We died a lot and became frustrated but once out in the open world of Prague we got to grips with the combat system and taking cover is your best bet for survivel, lining up your target and ducking out to take them down.

Deus Ex is not one to just give you guns to play with. Adam is a living, breathing augmented human and he has some killer tools to help you along the way. Some old and some very new. Not all augments can be active at one time so you have to box clever. Whilst out in the world apply some cool ones like the remote hack, whilst it may not seem like a powerful tool you can disable security, open window shutters and thus create new routes for yourself and discover a new set of secrets.

The level design here is creative, it's expansive and doesn't feel linear at all. There are many routes to be discovered when doing a mission. One of our first we kicked ourselves when we realised just hour stealthy and non lethal we could be. It's pretty intense and a credit to Eidos Montreal.

It all comes down to choice too, not just a choice in the route you take but the choice as a character, you can command conversation, direct the story and bend characters to your will. You shape your destiny, or at least, that's how it feels. However the story itself never seems urgent enough to push you forward. It seems like an opener to a larger story arc but its still progressive and very reminiscent of films like Blade Runner in both arc and direction.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the kind of game you choose if you're looking for some alone time away from the online fodder, the game you look to when you want to be immersed in a scifi adventure that allows you to feel like you make a difference. While the learning curve is quite steep when it comes to action and to discovering the politics of the populated areas it is one worth sticking with.

The game will reward you for your time... and you will be spending a lot of time playing this one!