Several years ago, when I first heard the premise for DEXTER, I remember thinking, “Wow…that’s a brilliant concept!”  A serial killer who hides in plain sight, while dishing out vigilante justice on other killers…how can a horror fan NOT be interested in something like that?  Unfortunately for me, several years would have to pass before I had the opportunity to give the show a look.  I wish I had been able to catch it on the forefront, however, because this is an amazing series, and every horror fan needs to put this on their Must Have List.

If you are not familiar with DEXTER, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Showtime Entertainment:

Led by Golden Globe-winning actor Michael C. Hall, follow the delectably disturbed blood-splatter analyst Dexter Morgan with every episode of the hit Showtime original series DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SERIES, now available as a convenient, shelf-friendly megapack.  Follow along as Dexter, the series’ titular antihero, feeds his homicidal appetite by serving vigilante justice while simultaneously solving crime.  With a stellar cast including Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, C.S. Lee, David Zayas, and James Remar, DEXTER ranks as one of the most critically acclaimed and best-written series of all time.  This killer collection includes all 8 seasons and 96 episodes on 32 discs, perfect for holiday gift giving.  

I often hear TV shows and movies described as “having it all”, however very few actually live up to that hype.  I am so happy to say DEXTER truly does have it all, a veritable buffet of entertainment goodness.  Each episode is chocked full of wit, intensity, and mystery, and the result is a top notch series that is worthy of the awards it has received.

DEXTER is shot well and appears to have a high production budget.  The creative team behind the show spares no expense in making this look like a high-end series, and every detail looks carefully set into place.

The acting is superb, with Michael C. Hall heading up an all-star cast.  I confess I was not very familiar with Hall’s work prior to this show, but I don’t think any other actor could have done as well in the role.  He is complimented by some major talent that includes Jennifer Carpenter, who plays sister Debra; David Zayas as Sergeant Batista; the incomparable James Remar as Harry Morgan, Dexter’s adopted dad; and Julie Benz, who plays love interest Rita.  The entire cast meshes well and is a major credit to the series’ success.

The special effects in DEXTER are very good.  While gore is not a primary focus in the series, there’s quite a bit of it, and everything looks fantastic.  From blood to dead bodies to severed limbs, viewers get a smorgasbord of carnage that is set against the backdrop of the show’s premise.  

The writing is probably the best aspect of the show, however.  Intelligent and dark, but chocked full of surprising wit and clever twists, DEXTER has some of the best writing talent in the business.  I would have loved to have seen where the show could have gone if it had continued past eight seasons.

DEXTER is a huge win for me, and I highly recommend it.  It is smart, inventive, and clever…three characteristics that must be in place for a series like this to succeed.  This show knocks each aspect out of the park.  

DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SERIES packs every episode into a nice looking, two-volume package, and it comes with a few cool special features that include:

* Audio commentary
* Dexter’s Tool Kit
* Exploring Dexter: An Inside Look
* The Code of Harry
* Inside the Writer’s Room
* Dexter: A Sitdown with Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow
* Dexter: The End Begins

and more.  It hits store shelves tomorrow, so make a note to pick up your copy before they disappear.  I wager this is one collection that will go fast.