I just finished watching this interesting indie film and I have to say that I’m impressed for the most part.  I’M NOT JESUS MOMMY is a vivid and mind-opening film with a premise that could very easily be feasible in the near future.


If you are not familiar with I’M NOT JESUS MOMMY, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the film’s official website:

Dr. Kimberly Gabriel, one of the nation’s top fertility specialists, lives in irony as she is unable to have children of her own.  Her chance comes when Dr. Roger Gibson recruits her on to his human cloning project.  In an act of desperation, she steals an embryo from Gibson’s laboratory and finally fulfills her dream.  But the world falls into chaos and strange happenings surround her son, David, as they struggle for survival.  Kim is faced with the truth on her son’s origin...does David represent mankind’s last hope or something else?

In the film, a huge revelation is unveiled towards the end, a key aspect to the plot that I will not discuss here, so as to not give anything away.  If you are not familiar with the film or the plot, then I would recommend avoiding any discussions about the film until you can watch it.  Thanks to a synopsis on IMDB.com, I already knew about it going in to the film, but I wish I had been oblivious to it beforehand.


I’M NOT JESUS MOMMY is shot well and the acting is superb.  A huge hand of credit for this goes to young actor Rocko Hale who portrays David.  Young Hale does an amazing job with his role and is surely to be commended for his portrayal.  Actress Bridget McGrath does a good job as well with your role as David’s mom, but I have to admit that Hale steals the show for me.


There are not many special effects in the film, although those that we do see are well done and look good on-screen.  I would have liked to have seen more visual effects however I can see how those might not have been possible in a movie like this.  The primary focus is on the story and the themes within it...not the so much the visual aspects.


And wow...the storyline in I’M NOT JESUS MOMMY is crazy.  I won’t divulge too much, but let’s just say I’ve only heard of something like this in one book several years ago.  It’s an interesting premise, although I can see people of certain faiths taking offense.  I did not, even though I am a Christian, because I don’t think the film or its premise goes into sacrilegious areas, at least no more so than anything like The Da Vinci Code or whatnot.


But for as enthralling as the film is, it does have a couple of flaws.  [WARNING:  SPOILER ALERT]  For example, we are never told if the world falls into chaos because David is born, or if it is simply coincidence in the timing.  Also, the ending is extremely vague, although I imagine that was an attempt to be artistic.  For me, I have to admit:  I wanted to know more.  


I’M NOT JESUS MOMMY is one of those films that demands discussion after its watched, and I highly suggest you do both.  Give this one a look and then head over to Shattered Ravings (my blog) to discuss.