Would your mate get rid of your porn collection if you died suddenly? If no, are you really friends with the right people?

When his billionaire boss Demi (Harvey Keitel) dies, chauffeur Donald (Gabriel Byrne) is given one final job - to wipe out any evidence of Demi’s relationship with his mistress, the enigmatic and beautiful Amber (Sibylla Deen). Donald’s task soon unravels when Amber’s life is threatened, and he finds himself her reluctant protector. Unwittingly drawn into a dangerous urban underworld, he encounters dark, harrowing practices, and a sinister underworld figure who will test him to his very limits.

Bradford, United Kingdom. You wouldn't think it was a cultural or political hive of activity but in Lies We Tell, first time writer and director Mitu Misra takes a convuluted situation such as cultural segregation and brings them to the forefront. As a northerner myself there are pockets of asian communities who choose to live within their own culture. You read the news stories, you hear the stories but with the way the press is dividing to the left and the right, it's the voice that sets these stories apart. This is where Lies We Tell delivers.

Dressed as a thriller this film is more about the people that live and survive in Bradford. What happens when you're the guy tasked with covering up your bosses misdeeds and as a result thrust into the life of a woman whose family do not approve of her lifestyle but she still cares beyond all reason for her sister who is being forced into an arranged marriage. Sybilla Deen plays the wayward daughter who would shun traditional muslim culture and dare to live a western life. Challenging not just her family but the man who wants to help but has a duty to also look after his own interests.

That man is the legendary Gabriel Byrne. Yep, the guy from Stigmata (love that film!). Here he plays Donald the man tasked with clearing out the boss' porn collection... well mistress (Sibylla Deen). He's dragged as an outsider into a world of violence he's just not prepared for but he steps up for the damsel in distress who knows how to hold her own but against a strong willed and closed off community, they both have a tough fight ahead of them.

Everyone loves a good thriller and an explosive political touch points that saturate society today. The un-apologetic view on Bradford as a community and the hidden cultural tensions on display here are fascinating to watch and make for a gripping thriller of a man pushed to the edge.

While Lies We Tell might not be everyone's cup of tea, it certainly has it's charms and Sibylla Deen alongside Gabriel Byrne steal the show.