In 2074, organised crime has a brand new way of disposing with their 'hits'. Sending victims 30 years into the past, a hired gun waits to end the life of that unknown victim and dispose of the body. In the future the tracking of people has become so advanced that murder has become nigh on impossible.

One day Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is confronted with his future self, it's a clause in the contract that one day a Looper will have to kill himself and a 30 year countdown begins in which they get to live their life until their loop comes to a close. However future Joe (Bruce Willis) has other ideas and escaping from his death sentence he seeks out a child that could change everything, a child whose death would change the future for the better.

Will young Joe have the courage it takes to kill future Joe or will they both end up dead at the hands of Joe's employer?

Foolishly I listened to the critics who labelled Looper either mediocre or poopy, which you'd think is strange because here I am day after day telling you if a release is good or bad. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and ignore folks like me whose opinion is just that; an opinion.

Looper promised to be an action sci-fi from all the trailers and it delivered to an extent but the story by Rian Johnson was never supposed to be straight forward action sci-fi. In fact I'd go as far to say this is the Jeepers Creepers of Sci-fi; people went in expecting one thing and received something completely different from an updated version of Timecop.

Looper is both Action Sci-Fi and Supernatural-Fi. There's a number of characters and elements that allow Looper's story to shift and change over the course of its running time. Of course we have the story of the two Joe's and what brought them face to face plus we have the story of Sara (Emily Blunt) and her son.

Looper isn't just your bog standard action flick and I can understand that people sitting down, switching off and getting ready for violence might find themselves at a loss as these characters challenge them to think, believe and change. Rushing to reboot and power up the brain to deal with loss, murder and survival can be a daunting experience and by the time it has happened the film might be over and your view might be skewed.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt despite his own sphere of awesomeness has his own challenges though as writer and director Rian Johnson chooses to alter his features in order to make them more Willis-esque when it wasn't needed at all. Of course this Willisification involves a larger more expressive forehead and puffy eyes which isn't a leap but is ultimately distracting as some scenes utilise the look more than others.

The bottom line is that Looper is a surprising action flick which turns into a film with a touch more depth than viewers would have anticipated with a star cast including the lovely Piper Perabo of Coyote Ugly. Add to that a blu-ray presentation which is one of the best of the year so far, with rich colours and added depth coming from this 1080p AVC transfer. It's strange to see a Sci-fi film that really doesn't rely heavily on effects but the cast. Coupled with the perfect set pieces, this is a feast for the eyes and ears.