Dreamworks recently released the final installment to the Madagascar series in theatre and it quickly rose to first in the box office. That is the very definition of having a good fan base.

One of the biggest traps that movie series tend to fall into, especially when it comes to third installments, is to overplay jokes from the first two. The jokes become redundant and are no longer funny. Madagascar, for the most part, escapes this. When an older joke is referenced, it is re-jazzed to be more interesting; such as the return of the “I Like To Move It” song remixed with “Poka-dot Afro”.

The basic premise is simple: Alex and his friends want to return to New York. In their attempt to do so they get themselves into trouble. As a result their only option is to stow away onto a circus train, but can only do so by pretending to be circus animals themselves.

Beyond the jokes and antics the filmmakers did an amazing job when it came to the visuals. Everything looked spectacular. The animation in circus scenes took my breath away. This is something that both Pixar and Dreamworks excel at.

Overall the film was funny, enjoyable, and entertaining. There was only one problem: Inconsistency with the earlier films.  In the first movie when Alex first escapes, it is made clear that the humans cannot understand the animal language. This was not one of those movies where animals and humans can vocally interact with each other. However, in this film, there are moments where the animals are talking to the humans.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this film.