A new offering by Marvel's animation studios set to air on September 30th on both Disney Channel and Disney XD, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors is a film that has a lot of support behind it with beloved new characters and interpretations from the comics providing the main cast. So does Secret Warriors make full use of its fertile ground or squander it on a cash grab?

Well, I'm pleased to say that the show has charm enough to fill a helicarrier. The basic cast list is filled with some of the most well-received young characters Marvel has written in the past three years. Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl are our main jumping in point to the world as the young heroes try to balance learning how to be a street-level hero with their daily lives. Their involvement with a few Inhumans leads to a broader chase and introduces us to other characters like Quake, Patriot, Inferno and America Chavez. Despite the short run time, these additional characters don't make the film feel overstuffed since the central story revolves mainly around Ms. Marvel and the way Inhumans are viewed.

The 80 minute animated film not only introduces these characters but charts their quests to find a place of acceptance and understanding as they grow into the roles they've chosen for themselves. The animation style follows from what we've seen in Spectacular Spiderman and Avengers Assemble so it certainly holds true to the animated world Marvel has been shoring up the past couple of years. Everything is really well tied together here and as I've said before, it's incredibly charming. Ms. Marvel is relatable, Squirrel Girl is a boundless well of hyper energy, Patriot has fun dimensions around his by-the-book exterior and America Chavez is the type of no-nonsense badass everyone needs to have as a friend. There were original plans to include Spider-Gwen and while she doesn't appear in this film, it doesn't mean we won't be seeing her within this universe.

If there is a detraction for this film it's that the TV series it is so obviously introducing hasn't yet been announced and it feels really incomplete. While the villains of the film and the plot twists are all either one dimensional or easily foreseeable, that's in line with what the film is going for, which is building hype for a series that this film will constitute the first part of. Make no mistake, this entire 80-minute film is laying down the groundwork for its entire runtime for an ongoing series. And I want that. I need that. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors does everything it needs to in order to set up a kind of Young Justice for a younger audience and it does so with style and a smile.

I'm thoroughly excited to see how they continue to build this out because if a series were to be made that maintained the quality of this film, Disney Channel will have a real winner. Watch this film. Share this film. Get eyes and hype on it so we can see something bigger and better come.