This series originally aired in America in 1993 and quickly grew into a phenomenon.  The first season alone had 60 episodes; this is the equivalent to all three Avatar: The Last Airbender seasons combined. 19 years later this particular season holds nostalgic values for many children that watched the show when it first aired- but the fandom isn’t that simple.

Along side these fans that are in their 20’s, there are fans that are in their 30’s.  These fans first encountered the show in their teens, which means that they were not  hypnotized by the brightly coloured outfit and random fight sequences the same way the children were.


The original ranger line up of this season is the best known, even though in the hit movie the line up had slight changes in them.  This was partially because they were the first ranger lineup, and therefor are classified as the “original rangers”. It was also largely because of the controversy behind the colouring system in this line up, which had brought up a lot of race issues. Particularly casting an African American as the black ranger, the Vietnamese as the yellow ranger, and a Caucasian as the white ranger.


The casual power ranger audience did not realize that though the white ranger was played by a white actor, the character himself was actually Native American. This was discussed in the later seasons, which is why it easily gets over looked.


This was one amongst the few controversies that the show had to deal with when it originally aired. Another concern was that the show was too violent. When people look back at the show now, they either see a loving classic or a ridiculous shame of their childhood. Either way, violence definitely is not the first thing that comes to mind!