Saban has a reputation for making shows that kids love. More often than not, these kids grow up and wonder why they used to love these shows so much. A prime example of this is Mystic Knights.

This particular show follows a simple formula that you see in many other shows as well. You begin with a group of young people that eventually gain powers that they can morph into. This show uses the four elements as their powers: water, fire, earth and air. Later on, a fifth character is added that morphs using the power of the forest.

Two kingdoms are at war: Temra and Kells. The ruler of Temra was born in Kells and she feels that she has the right to rule it, so she turns to the dark arts in order to achieve this. Under desperation the king of Kells sends out the Wizard’s apprentice and his thief friend on a quest for the mystic powers of Tir Na Nog. Along the way the king’s daughter and a foreign prince joins the pair on their quest.

The people of Tir Na Nog are the size of fairies, and they are referred to as “little people”. When I was watching this show again, hearing this made me cringe, but when I watched it as a child the terminology made sense.

If you watched this show as a child, and are re-watching it as an adult, you will probably still find it enjoyable. The same way children re-watching Power Rangers still find it enjoyable. If you watch it for the first time as an adult, you will probably dismiss it immediately. The minds of children and the minds of adults simply work on different levels.