No One Lives, yet another film from the WWE stable and although some WWE films have been downright dreadful and others have been hilarious fun, they've never been quite as entertaining as No One Lives. Straddling the bitch that is the exploitation genre, WWE takes Luke Evans and turns him into the man you wouldn't want to mess with.

Driving cross country to relocate from their previous home, an unnamed man (Luke Evans) and his girlfriend, Betty (Laura Ramsey) stop for food at a roadside bar. A minor run in with a local criminal gang leads to the couple being run off the road and taken hostage. Trapped in an abandoned farmhouse the couple find themselves at the mercy of their captors.

However, all is not what it appears to be and when Betty unexpectedly loses her life, this unnamed man becomes more than the man they thought they had. When the gang discover a young woman in the boot of his car, they soon realise that they may have just signed their own death certificates.

No One Lives is an unexpected triumph. From the director of Midnight Meat Train; Ryûhei Kitamura, No One Lives is not as clever or as polished as the previous horror offering but it's damn entertaining. Sometimes it's entertaining in a good way and other times it's just hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Luke Evans stars as the cold blooded killer who turns the lives of these career criminals upside down. Yes, the hunter becomes the hunted as this smart and savvy psychotic sex bomb creates a bloody trail to this gangs front door. They have something that belongs to him, something by the name of Emma played by Adelaide Clemens who shockingly has a better part here and a better film, than she did in the long awaited sequel to Silent Hill!

There's so much to keep fans of horror and exploitation going in this film and Luke Evans is surprisingly adept in making both sexes fall for his psychotic charm. Even when facing off against the likes of Lee Tergesen, Evans makes short work of the competition. This killers genius style is lifted straight out of the Home Alone booby trap book for adults. There are some great set ups in No One :ives, not set up to make the audience squirm but to make them celebrate the unadulterated bloodlust of this unnamed killer. He wants his property and he wants to make this gang pay for the inconvenience they have caused.

Luke Evans isn't the only star in No One Lives, Adelaide Clemens has some truly remarkably silly lines to share with the audience, she's the one who holds the secrets to the unnamed man and she wants to be free of his grasp forever. With no other option but to stay with the hot headed fodder who found her she warms them of the impending dangers that await them.

Plus who doesn't love Lee Tergesen? He was brilliant in Oz and he's great in No One Lives.

Bloody, Exciting, Thrilling Entertainment. No One Lives proves that exploitation is far from dead. Eploi-tastic!

With a fist full of booby traps, an arsenal of blades and the odd gun, this Casanova of death is not one to toy with. There's nothing much I can say that will ruin your enjoyment of No One Lives. From the moment the slow start leads in to the carnage, you'll find yourself bathing in the crimson glow of the cinema screen. There's buckets of blood to be had here and it won't stop flowing until the end credits roll.

From the hot headed gang, right through to the hostage and the unnamed killer, No One Lives offers non stop, edge of the seat entertainment. It's something you would never expect from a WWE film and while it teeters on the cusp of straight to DVD... someone at Anchor Bay believes in this one as it comes to UK Cinemas on May 31st 2013.