Edie Falco returns as Nurse Jackie, the Nurse with all the answers but a life barely held together by painkillers and narcotic abuse. With the revelations at the end of season three, Jackie finds herself on the road to sobriety at one of the most challenging times in her life and career. Struggling to cope with the separation from her husband, rehab and her new boss; Jackie rides a wobbly wagon to recovery. Will the wheels fall off or will Jackie beat her demons and in doing so find herself finally on top for real?

As with all TV shows like Nurse Jackie, START FROM THE BEGINNING. A series like this goes from episode to episode building relationships between characters and Jackie has a lot of connections to maintain such as O'Hara (Eve Best), Zoey (Merritt Wever), Eddie (Paul Schulze), Fitch (Peter Facinelli) and Gloria Akalitus (Anne Deavere Smith); all of which have had momentous ups and downs, especially during the last season of the show.

Nurse Jackie is one of the funniest and dramatic TV shows you'll see this year. Hitting on subjects such as homelessness, the wonders of the US medical system, unemployment, drugs and divorce, this show tackles some of the toughest issues that life has to throw at a person. Mixing in humour with the heartache there's nothing this woman can't over come but without the aid of pain killers how on earth will she deal with the situations that would have her crushing up the pills ready to take on another day?

There's no denying that this show has it all in each episode. The laughs, the drama and a cast that bring to life some of the best characters TV has to offer, each growing further within a story arc that will challenge them and in a lot of ways change them irreversibly.

With the arrival of a new hospital administrator each and every character is affected by the changes made to the hospital. Less caring and more about the business. With these changes in place, Jackie isn't the only one in danger of falling off the wagon.

Excellent and exciting TV in a bite-size portion. You'll not be disappointed with Nurse Jackie!