It's New Year's Eve in New York City and everyone's getting ready to party. Watching, waiting, a man called Hollander (Michael Keaton) has a different kind of party in mind. Alone in her high-rise apartment, Sara (Michelle Monaghan) has no idea that her boyfriend was a thief.

But what he stole - and from whom - is about to put her life on the line. Trapped in the penthouse with Hollander and his sadistic partner, these two will kill, maim, and tear the place apart to find a fortune in diamonds. While the party rages outside, inside Sara fights desperately for her life. It's kill or be killed in a pulse-pounding, non-stop fight to the finish - and it all takes place in Penthouse North.

Okay so the synopsis leaves out one important detail, Sara is BLIND!

Penthouse North tries to put a new spin on a pretty old formula but all it really does is add a few stumbles to a pretty tired formula. The one saving grace of this is PUSSY! You won’t know what this means until you have watched the film in all its entirety! It’s not often I applaud pussy on screen but in Penthouse North I revelled in it!

Sara as a character has adapted to her new disability but when she comes face to face with true evil her fight for survival is one that makes for interesting viewing. There are moments where director Joseph Ruben really takes advantage of the blind element, placing danger all around. The audience knows that it’s there but Sara played by Michelle Monaghan doesn’t have a clue that the viewers at home are having a pantomime moment of “He’s Behind you!”.

That’s as far as the mystery goes though. This film lays all its cards on the table up front with Michael Keaton making a comeback in this suspense thriller that places him centre stage alongside a pretty lady and a pretty fella (Barry Sloane).

You will witness a woman pushed to the edge in a fight for survival, she will go through the range of emotion you can expect from fear right through to that age old survival instinct. See how Sara gets broken down only to build herself back up again with each passing moment!

Penthouse North might not break new ground but it certainly tries and that ending put a huge smile on my face! It’s worth a watch, if only to see Michael Keaton getting back in the game, I think this is the third film I’ve seen him in since the start of 2014! Batman is back!!!