Sisters has the most hilariously random characters of the year, compounded with a great premise and better cameos. A ton of laughs in this movie put a solid stamp on 2015.

It seems like stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sat in the writing room (or fallout shelter) and tried to figure out a way for two 40-somethings to pull off a high-school party film or "teenage sex movie" as Jonah Hill might say. The results however, are remarkable.

The premise being sisters Kate (Fey) and Maura (Poehler) Ellis are trying to convince their parents (played by Dianne Wiest and a grizzly James Brolin) not to sell their childhood home in Orlando, which provided varied experiences, depending on which sister you ask.

Kate is the party-animal mother of one struggling to hold a job, while Maura has always played "party mom", looking after every drunk person that shows up. 

Their solution: throw one more highschool bash at the house so Maura can finally let her hair down and have sex in the house she grew up in.

The Characters

Filled with sketch-comedy alumni, the clever characters are limitless in reminding the audience of all types of personalities they saw at high-school parties. The un-funny guy who thinks he's hilarious, the creeper and of course the girl who gets drunk and contemplates life. 

The results of comedic performances from Ike Barinholtz (MADtv) & Maya Rudolph (SNL) are perfectly delivered lines and a feel of familiarity when on-screen with Fey and Poehler. 

For example, another SNL-alum Bobby Moynihan (Ted 2) is hilarious when delivering stupidly lame jokes after getting accidentally wasted on cocaine. 

Additional cameos from the likes of John Cena (WWE, Trainwreck) keep the jokes fast and furious without having to endure Vin Diesel. 

The Few Shortcomings

If a few jokes seem overdone, they are. The Skypechat scene should seem familiar and Tina Fey seemed to be keen on swearing in excess, which cheapened some of the funny moments. Not in an offensive way, but simply screaming the F word just isn't that funny unless it's being screamed by Will Ferrell


If this was Judge Judy the "court" would rule in favour of the plaintiffs on all counts of being hilarious, while the bailiff laughs as he hands over text messages and says "this new technology man, it's like a different world".

Sisters has more than enough laugh-out-loud moments and certainly does not disappoint.