One of the biggest problems that modern science fiction encounters is keeping up with scientific advancement. It’s rare you can get away with making films about life on other planets within our solar system.

“Space Cases” was a 90’s show that used this idea of life on other planets. Each of the characters originated from a different planet in our solar system, except for one particular student who was a visitor from the Andromeda galaxy. The series begins in a classroom setting. One of the more mischievous students decides to sneak aboard an unattended spaceship which eventually leads to the entire class, the teacher, and the principle getting shot somewhere deep into the universe. The rest of the series is devoted to them trying to get home, and the adventures that they have on the way.



The premise itself sounds a lot like the show “Farscape”, which is a series that aired in 1999, but the story arch is quiet different and each show is intended for a different audience. Unfortunately the show did not go past two seasons, so it does not have a closed ending. However, the content within these two seasons are quite enjoyable.



You’ll see the familiar face of Walter Jones from “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” along side Jewel Staite from “Firefly”. The show touches on adult themes such as love, war, and even racism. However, it’s treaded on lightly enough that it is still suitable for a younger audience.



This was definitely a show that I personally was sad to see end before a conclusion could be reached.