Why are you even reading this? You know you're going to go watch the movie. This is the first film from Marvel after Endgame, of course, you're going to see it. You clicked on this article. No one is still on the fence about these movies. Either you clicked on this article because you are hoping the movie you're going to see is good, or you're hoping Marvel finally has a proper flop. Well, the latter may as well stop reading. Far From Home is as spectacular as Marvel's ever been.

The following contains no spoilers but will discuss aspects of the Marvel Universe as well as establishing shots from the trailers. If you just wanted a thumbs up or down I give it two way up. Spiderman Far From Home is a thoroughly enjoyable film that leverages the very best out of the Marvel formula and should be watched by fans of the MCU as soon as possible.

Picking up after Endgame and featured in the trailers, Homecoming follows Peter at a point where he feels isolated while also having the weight of the world on his shoulders. The memorials to Iron Man constantly reminding Peter that his mentor is gone and that the wider world is less protected without him. An end of the year school trip for the Science team sees Peter trying to find some time to relax and recover. Hoping for the chance to push forward a relationship with MJ his plans are thrown askew as Nick Fury ropes him in to take on a global threat. Elemental creatures have begun to spring up all over the world and a mysterious hero from another dimension has been continent hopping with Fury to destroy them before they annihilate our world as they did an alternate one. 

If you have even a passing knowledge of the Spiderman comics or have been paying attention to the general Marvel formula the plot shouldn't really surprise you. The major story beats play out about as you'd expect them to. Marvel rarely really surprises its audience at this point so instead, they overload you with quality of character. Gylllenhaal's Mysterio may not rise to the same level of villain quality as Vulture did but he's portrayed with an easy charisma that really draws you in. Tom Holland seems more comfortable than ever as both Peter Parker and Spiderman and there are a few scenes where we really get to see how he's grown as an actor in the last few years. Ned is still a treat and while bits of the supporting cast sometimes feel underused, every second of screen time is marvelously enjoyable. Getting some character depth for MJ was very welcome and it's nice to see some of the layers deeper than just the sarcastic know it all.

The spider powers themselves are looking stellar. The big CGI blowouts showcase how Peter has grown more and more accustomed to his abilities and how to best integrate them with the technology he has at hand. Reflexes, acrobatics and three-dimensional problem solving are all at the greatest levels ever seen from the webhead. We have finally hit the point where the spectacle of Peter's powers as they appear in the comics have been properly translated to the big screen. I honestly want to watch the film again just to see the care and attention that went into Peter navigating the space around him in a fight.

The MCU needed a major hit to keep the steam going after the record-breaking success of Endgame. They found that hit in Spiderman Far From Home. This movie is a delight from start to the end of the second post credit scene.

Score: 4.5/5