What seemingly starts as an 'every 10 years' James Bond parody, Spy quickly morphs into one of the best comedies of 2015.

Writer/Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Office) does with Spy what so many writers and directors attempt to do and fail; make serious actors look like seasoned, comedic veterans. Every actor/actress in Spy delivered their lines perfectly throughout the movie, resulting in numerous laugh-out-loud moments.

Melissa McCarthey (Identity Theif) plays Susan Cooper, working for the CIA as an operator assisting field agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) through his many missions providing key info and direction.

The plot twists launching Susan into an active field agent status, requiring her to find and stop the sale of nuclear arms. With Nancy (Miranda Hart) filling Susan's role at the base to help her out, the new spy must compete with rogue agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) who tends to do more harm than good in his attempts to battle terrorism.

Statham provides even more comedy with use of ridiculous stories, costumes (i.e. a mullet) and of course simply by swearing with an English accent (which we in North America love). Essentially, any exchange involving Statham in the film resulted roaring laughter.

Even Susan's CIA boss Elaine (Allison Janney) delivers some deadpan lines that had the audience erupt.

It's hard to point out any shortcomings in Spy, the plot line was simple leaving no holes, causing viewers to only think about what funny moment would happen next. Mixed in were credibly done action sequences along with some funny moments from 50 Cent which easily round out Spy into one of the best comedies of 2015.

While it may come as a surprise to many, Jason Statham is hilarious, Jude Law plays his role perfectly and Melissa McCarthey shines once more showing she is worthy of carrying a lead role.