Kirk returns as Captain of the Enterprise only to find his title and rank in jeopardy as Starfleet comes under attack by one of its own. As a crucial Starfleet building falls prey to a terrorist attack, Starfleet needs someone who isn't afraid of imminent danger, to take risks, to fight dirty; that man is Captain James T Kirk.

With the crew back en force, Kirk along side his first officer Spock set out on a mission of revenge on a mysterious man whose actions are both swift and brutal. Little does Kirk realise that this mission for revenge could expose some of Starfleets darkest secrets.

Star Trek the reboot, much like X-Men, Superman, Spider-Man, Star Wars and other film franchises that get reboot after reboot have one danger to worry about when returning to the big screen and that's the Icarus effect. These franchises have such strong characters and history that it's easy for them to become something old and parody like instead of being something new and fresh.

Star Trek Into Darkness walks that thin line of becoming a parody of what came before and balances precariously on that line in danger of falling into the parody abyss.

The first film opened strongly with an emotionally driven sequence of events that let viewers know the film they were about to see would be epic beyond all expectations; and it was. Star Trek Into Darkness on the other hand favoured a more light hearted opening sequence that in some ways resembled Indiana Jones as Kirk and company run from an Alien tribe through forest trails with some sort of artifact. That's all well and good but sets the tone up for something completely different in nature from the first film. A new beast in the early stages of this franchise... a franchise that will hopefully live long and prosper.

It sets the tone for Into Darkness which strangely is a lot funnier than the first film. Of course most of the comedy is provided by the likes of Bones (Karl Urban) and Scotty (Simon Pegg) but unfortunately despite having their moments they straddled the line of drama and parody in the first film but in this they fall clearly into the lines of parody as their delivery conflicts with that of Pine, Quinto and Saldana.

That's why Chris Pine as Kirk does not only captain the Enterprise but he leads the cast by traversing that line of comedy and drama like a pro. A line that others in the cast barely hang on to. Which makes Pine and his first officer Zachary Quinto aka Spock a saviour of Into Darkness because without them the balance would have been skewed and this film could have meant the end of the franchise due to the sudden shift in tone.

Into Darkness may lack the spontaneity of the first film but by god does it deliver. J.J. Abrams has brought back the lens flares but also taken the film out of space for a small portion and given us a terrorist threat that is a little too close for comfort, in fact some may find the films finale somewhat distressing in nature. The threat in question is Benedict Cumberbatch, known as Sherlock Holmes but here his name is..... well that would be telling but fans of Star Trek will love what J J Abrams has done with this Hannibal Lector of the stars. In fact Cumberbatch is so darkly delicious that he becomes some sort of evil Casanova, those dark brooding eyes, those man arms.... this is a villain that both guys and girls can enjoy.

The creative decisions in this sequel can be suspect at times but after the first twenty minutes the film becomes something truly inspiring and eventful.  I was no Star Trek fan before the reboot but this cast, this creative team have made me a fan. Kirk, Spock, Uhura and even newbie Carol Marcus played by Alice Eve are all characters that you can fall in love with.

An Exceptional Sci-Fi Epic, Sci-Fi at it's best; Star Trek Into Darkness delivers not just the stars but the entire solar system. It Rocks!

Chris Pine may have been exceptional but in the cast of characters truly channeling their Original Series counterparts, Anton Yelchin walks all over his colleagues as Chekov. The accent, the quirky nature, his can do attitude, Anton Yelchin nails Chekov in every way possible and you'll look forward to seeing him on the screen at any given opportunity. The guy is a star in the making and if you've seen him in Fright Night or Like Crazy, you'll know he's capable of being a leading man!

There are cameos throughout the film and British fans will recognise Noel Clarke, not only because he manages to maintain the same look for nearly 15 minutes during his pivotal role in the film but because the guy is a household name over here... kinda. I myself thought he was the wrong choice for the role he was given, as mentioned it's hard to see what's going through his head in the role he's been given as he relies on a slack jawed response to everything, in fact he only time he closes his mouth is between words before it reverts to the slack jawed position once again. 

Star Trek into Darkness has a lot of flaws but overall it's an exciting and exhilarating experience that demands fans of film and cinema goers in general to put their money where their mouth is, sit back and enjoy some exceptional performances from Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch and Anton Yelchin. 

A beautifully scored sci-fi masterpiece!