It's the one thing cinema has lost in the past decade but Disney has brought it back. Hope. Storytelling and characters to care about. This isn't just in Star Wars but in the Marvel Films Franchise too.

There's a common thread through very different tales that bring us to one realization and sometimes we may forget... we matter. Any one person can make a difference and we all have a destiny. Even in our darkest of hours there's a spark, a glimpse of the future and even when you feel alone there's at least one person out there who is thinking of you... even when the ties that bind have been severed.

The Last Jedi is that spark. A cauldron of story telling full to the brim of fantasy and heart. Your adventure begins by purchasing that cinema ticket.

Within this continuing saga is almost sheer perfection that is slighted by one too many jokes and a next generation waiting to lead the rebellion into pastures new. It's with regret though that we say goodbye to true royalty in the form of Carrie Fisher who brought to life a rebellious princess who then became a pop culture icon, a beacon for all. In The Last Jedi her light shines bright and it's hard to think of the Star Wars universe without her in it. We received the message loud and clear and we know it's time to say goodbye. A poignant and fitting performance that will make you laugh and cry.

However, with the sadness comes joy in the form of newer cast members who are set to carry on the torch of Star Wars for many years to come. The most notable is Kelly Marie Tran who plays Rose, a pivotal character who becomes a fast favourite in our eyes with a beautifully timed amount of guts and comedy. She manages to walk a fine line and hits the balance that The Last Jedi needs in order to bring some real emotion to the part.

Then of course we have the LGBT icon that is Poe (Oscar Isaac), is he gay? Who knows but he certainly makes people around the world want to hold that rainbow flag high. He's still a highlight of the new franchise and getting even more rugged as the saga progresses.

Kylo Ren becomes a bigger piece of the puzzle and Adam Driver gives it his all when caught between light and dark. The toll of The Force Awakens weighs heavily and with the influence of Rei now discovering who she truly is, can Kylo resist temptation?

It's a story we know all too well and with the return of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) it's easy to see that this wasn't just going to be the blockbuster film of the year, IT IS THE BLOCKBUSTER FILM OF THE YEAR!

A roaring piece of cinema from start to finish, The Last Jedi is a feast for the eyes that doesn't just give geeks around the world a boner but it certainly delivers story and character to general audience too. Where other blockbusters have failed this year (A-hem Justice League), the Star Wars franchise makes up for it in a huge huge way.

A must see in IMAX, the audio, the visuals... it's pure joy and this is what cinema was made for!

On a side note, stick through to the end credits, I think a lot of us forget just how many jobs are created in the film industry from the key cast right through to personal stylists, accountants, catering and office jobs. There were HUNDREDS of roles created around the world for this one feature film alone. So before you think "I'll wait for it on 'streaming'", lets remember the jobs that were created and how releases in your local area benefit, restaurants, stores and your local cinemas/theaters.