Teen Wolf; if like me that to you means Michael J Fox getting all hairy and playing basketball in an 80's comedy, then you've come to the wrong place.

Back in 2011, MTV US aired Teen Wolf Season One to critical acclaim, the humour was still there but there was a darker, more brooding tone to the show that really only borrowed the name and lycanthropy from the original movie and its sequel.

In Teen Wolf 2011, Scott McCall an awkward teen finds himself in deep doo doo when he's bitten by a werewolf. Not only battling the aftermath of puberty, Scott must now battle the side effects of being a werewolf. Hair in all the wrong places, an attitude adjustment and of course an alpha wolf who seems to be picking his way through the locals. It's practically like going through puberty all over again... except now he has super human speed and strength... so not all the side effects are bad? Right?

Prepare for flesh!!! Whilst The CW caters to both male and female needs when it comes to their TV Shows, Teen Wolf makes little effort of ripping the shirts off their lead wolves at any given moment. 

Tyler Posey  as Scott may be young but he has a set of abs to make any man feel a twinge of inferiority! Not to mention the wolf who lets Scott in on the big secret. Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) is the man with the answers and the smoldering good looks but he's not willing to give them all to the new wolf in one go (the secrets, not the looks!). Fostering an air of mistrust and secrecy, Derek is the only one Scott can turn to when things hit the fan but can he be trusted? Is Derek the man responsible for the violent attacks in town? Was Derek the wolf that bit Scott?

Probably; but when Wolf hunters come to town and Derek lets Scott in on the secret, we have to wonder if he's all bad.

The Season One story arc is pretty simple. Scott goes through puberty again only this time he gets to look like Eddie  Munster. His best friend and comrade in arms Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) provides the much needed shoulder to cry on and comic relief. Derek Hale provides the character that everyone loves to hate but his secrets aren't there to torture others they're there to torture the man, to keep his own beast in check.

Add to that murders, bullies and a coach with an unhealthy attitude towards man on man contact, then you're in for an entertaining ride. Of course... there's always the girl next door who just so happens to be the daughter of the man who would literally split you in two if he knew what you were.

Teen Wolf is one of those shows that creeps up on you. It always amazes me how far fantasy horror has come in terms of TV since Buffy The Vampire Slayer first aired in 1996. Being a vampire is now cool in The Vampire Diaries, being a werewolf is acceptable in Teen Wolf and killing those two things and a whole lot more besides is uber awesome in Supernatural.

Teen Wolf could have been a step too far in the TV Horror genre but it strikes all the right chords with a wonderful cast who know how to add drama and humour to their roles at just the right time. Add to that a truly suspenseful direction for each and every episode and you have the makings of a hit TV Show.

I'm just miffed that there's no Blu-ray! 

Teen Wolf Season One is available to buy on DVD in both the US and the UK, now!