Out on UK DVD & Blu-ray Monday 11th June 2012.
No US Release Date as of yet.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan the guy that every woman, man and his dog with daddy issues would like to… urrr touch inappropriately. After his feature stint in some summer blockbusters, indie attempts and the wonderful Hammer Horror Thriller The Resident, Jeffrey Dean Morgan turns his hand to an action thriller called The Courier.

As you can guess JDM stars as The Courier, a no nonsense man who delivers questionable items for a large fee, he’s bad ass, takes no prisoners and asks no questions which makes him perfect for some jobs he’d rather not take.

When a man offers “The Courier” a job he has no choice but to take it when the lives of his family come under threat. However this job comes with a catch. The delivery in question in not the intended outcome but the location of the man the case is destined for is. The Courier has a habit of finding his targets and when he is given a time frame in which to complete this new task which could net him one million dollars and the safety of his family, he has no choice but to go along with the terms.

Theatrically The Courier isn’t a very cinematic piece despite the awesome actors involved in the project. Director Hany Abu-Assad didn’t seem to know how to shoot some of the action packed shots and we flit in and out from what could have been a cinematically fun action flick to a seemingly made for TV vibe. Thankfully the writing saves the day in some cases and allows the viewer to overcome the feeling that they’re dipping their toe into something that could have been done with a lot more flair. When independent film makers are making films that look ready to go theatrically the directors of today have to ensure that their work really can’t be questioned when it comes to a ‘theatrical feel’.

That said with a cast including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the awesome Lil Taylor, Josie Ho and Mickey Rourke there’s not a lot to complain about here. The courier is a solidly entertaining action flick which may lack the theatrical balls to really boost it into the exceptional territory but the actors and writing make up for all of that even if Lil Taylor does seem out of place from her usual roles but I’m glad to see her still making herself known in the industry, I love her!

The only place that we seem to lose the plot is towards the end, if like me you tend to zone out during some action flicks, you might be forgiven for losing the plot half way through as The Courier holds a dark secret and that’s its attempts to be something more than it should be, holding a deep dark secret regarding the main character and his past we're thrown into a Tarentino-esque explanation of why the world is round and The Courier does what he does.

Totally uncalled for.

Throwing cold hearted killers his way, corrupt cops and a whole lot of ammunition, The Courier might not be what you’re expecting and for a Saturday night in… it ain’t half bad!

Check it out!