A newer, gorier version of the horror film classic of Gaston Leroux's classic tale.

Christine Day is a young Broadway singer in New York City. She is auditioning for a show and comes across a piece of music written by an unknown music composer named Erik Destler nearly 100 years before. Erik had made a pact with the devil so the world would love his music, but the devil had one condition: that Erik's face would be horribly disfigured forever. Once Christine sings his music, she is taken from present day New York to 1881 London were she is the star of the London Opera House. There she is coached by a mysterious caped figure who will do anything to make her the star of the opera even if it means murdering people, and the figure is none other than Erik Destler himself.

In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came… okay so this isn’t the Lloyd Webber masterpiece but the tale of The Phantom of the Opera has been told in numerous guises but none quite like the one starring Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.

This 1989 horror gets its first appearance on Blu-ray thanks to 101 Films whose stunning catalogue is growing at an exceptional rate. What makes this one special is the number of great cast members on offer here from Englund, to Bill Nighy and Molly Shannon. Even the first ever Mrs Johnstone to appear in Blood Brothers on the West End is in this one, Stephanie Lawrence stars as the diva extraordinaire who finds herself playing second fiddle to the understudy, the understudy being trained by a horribly disfigured fame hungry composer.

This version of the tale is all about Faustian pacts, Destler aka The Phantom makes a pact with the devil and Christine unwittingly finds herself making a bargain with her own personal devil through no real control of her own. With the roars of the crowd who could deny the angel of music his spoils.

The real difference in this tale is the gore! Take a sadistic trip through theatre with the phantom who loves to flay and eviscerate his victims with a childish glee, there’s nothing this Phantom enjoys more than the warm feel of entrails in his hands.

A real treat from 101 Films as they bring one of those 80’s classics to life, pitting Robert Englund against a character normally known for his art rather than the murders he committed in the original text… This Blu-ray is pretty much the best version of this film available, yes it features a lot of grain and does suffer from the odd bit of haze but overall this is a blu-ray you’ll want to have in your collection!

Have to say, loving the Freddy-esque cover for it too…