Reviewing a season of The Simpsons, it turns out, is not an enviable task. Add to the fact that it’s “Later Season Simpsons” and people’s minds are already set. So all I ask is: please make sure that is your actual opinion, and not just the popular consensus you're spewing.

The Simpsons, in my eyes, is still one of the best animated sitcoms on TV. Certainly, it has ups, downs, Kesha opening credits and repeated storylines, but it has more heart, attention and love put into it still than a lot of other shows on. I’ve known a lot of people to move on, to Family Guy, to [adult swim] comedies. They are all fine shows, but people seem to be drawn to them because they are more “adult.” Which basically means: they swear.

But there is nothing more adult than the stumbles of love Marge goes through in ‘Diatribe Of A Mad Housewife’ or relatable than your friend changing in ‘Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.’

Plus, this is the year with the much-then-hyped “The Simpsons Go To London” episode, ‘The Regina Monologue.’ I’m not a biggest fan of the vacation episodes, but when handled well, like this one, they are thoroughly enjoyable - especially if you’re aware of the contrasts between the USA and the UK.

Throw in flashback episode ‘The Way We Were,’ Pie-Man antics in ‘Simple Simpson’ and a Catch Me If You Can spoof in ‘Catch ‘Em If You Can,’ you have a solid, solid season. A definite uptick over the previous couple seasons.

Originally airing from 2003-2004, the episodes aren’t HD (or widescreen) yet. However, as usual, the season comes with Dolby 5.1 surround, a crisp picture and lots of extras including commentaries on every episode, animation showcases and commercials.

The Simpsons Season 15 will be released on BD and DVD. UK Release date is the 3 December 2012, US residents will get it a day later on 4 December 2012.