The three-episode preview we got for WandaVison has me all aflutter for this series. We've waited with baited breath to see what the first offering from Marvel Studios on Disney+ would look like and its honestly one of the most entertaining adaptations of the comics I've seen in a long while.

The series progresses between television sitcom decades every episode as we follow Wanda and Vision in their attempts to live a quiet suburban life together. Actively trying to hide their appearance and their powers the pair spend the first two episodes running through the usual fare as a couple with something to hide, on a show with a laugh track. The magic of it all is twofold. 

Firstly, we as the audience know that this is all very wrong. This isn't where we last left Wanda. Vision died twice. These two were heroes and titans of Earth for years and they seem to be totally removed from the history they were major players in.

Secondly, the program takes no time to show the cracks in this world. Wanda and Vision are always pleasant and playing to their roles when on screen together, but find that they can't answer even basic questions about themselves and their backgrounds. It certainly gives the whole affair a building background tension as we aren't quite sure when these cracks will finally give way, nor what the fallout will be when they do.

Now, the learned comic readers amongst us have an inkling as to whats coming for the couple. While the MCU has done a fantastic job of adapting comic stories in such a way that things don't play out as direct one to ones of the panels we remember, the trajectories of character and plot have stayed fairly faithful thus far. Without going into spoiler territory, rest assured that if you read any of the comics concerning Wanda and Vision having children and being parents, WandaVision rewards that background knowledge with its depiction of the lovers at the center of our plot. 

What's got me absolutely giddy for episodes 4 and beyond is that we KNOW that what is coming next will not be what we saw in the comics. Wanda's story in the comics has always revolved around how her history with Magneto and Pietro impacted her formative years along with living as a Mutant in a world that despises them. As the MCU has neatly removed two of those three elements from her story, where her character goes next is largely up in the air. We know there is a reckoning coming in WandaVision, but we can only guess at the shape.

I am so insanely grateful we are not only getting this story, but that its being done as a series giving it the time and space it needs to appropriately develop. So we get to watch not only as this world around Wanda and Vision evolves, but also how it starts to gradually break down brick by brick. This is one of the better MCU works in recent memory and I'm excited to see how they decide to play things out.