The DC Movie Universe from Warner Bros. it's been a rocky and torturous road. Man of Steel didn't blow us away, Suicide Squad literally had audiences looking for the fastest exit, Batman Vs Superman was so incredibly moronic that we hoped in some strange way that Godzilla would show up and just destroy the DC Universe and its inhabitants so that we could no longer be punished by this stunted and uneducated view of what a superhero is and the insult to fans and the source material.

However, somehow in the dirt and grime of the DC Universe Wonder Woman shines through. The hero audiences deserve has arrived but does the DC Movieverse created under Zack Snyder's ugly eye deserve her?

Not really but it is what it is and Wonder Woman delivers the laughs, the action and the feels. Wonder Woman in its opening ten minutes delivers more characterisation and story than the entire DC Universe to this point. Someone finally twigged that comic books contain more than panels featuring heroes and villains kicking the shit out of each other. They feature people, heroes who face everyday emotions that make them human as well as super human.

Wonder Woman delivers a host of likeable characters from bit parts to the main hero herself, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince. This is a character that's allowed to breathe, to grow and develop in a new world. She is not just a goddess, she is a person with hopes, dreams and fears. Heroes should be characters readers and audiences aspire to be and Wonder Woman nails that... better late than never right?

Gal Gadot is the perfect choice for the role, in Batman V Superman; Wonder Woman was the saving grace and in her own feature debut Gal takes that courage, rage and innocence of Wonder Woman and knocks it out of the park. If you had told me last week that I would go into a DC Universe flick and leave wanting to see it again, I would have laughed in your face, no, I would have kicked you in the lady garden and taken it as an insult.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot make a great team, the perfect balance of hero and comedy. The story gave us two heroes for very different reasons and while it's a touch too long in places Gal's performance alongside Chris Pine as support always brings you back into the fray.

There's only ONE real issue I had with Wonder Woman and that's the CGI. Awesome live action sequences often turned into a CGI animated mess. It was jarring and could have been done better.

My only concern for Wonder Woman is that due to audiences being burned so many times by DC Movies that they may stay away and this first awesome female led superhero flick won't perform as well as it might which may cause studio execs to lame the fact that this is a female hero at the helm not the fact that they messed up one too many time by allowing Snyder to piss all over decades of DC Comics storylines.

I wanna go again. I'm in love and Gal Gadot is the crowning jewel in the DC Universe at the moment. Take note Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins adds a splash of colour to the DC palette and it creates an all-new look and warm feel that this franchise needed.

The DC Universe is FINALLY kicking in but will Justice League take us back to the dark times? For now we have this beautiful gem of a movie, we can only hope that the momentum remains strong and WB continues to nurture talent like Patty Jenkins and writers like Allan Heinberg.