Tracking Policy

Privacy First Analytics

While analytics are a very important tool for improving the site for users, we strongly believe that this can be done without collecting any personal data or personally identifiable information (PII).

For this simple reason, we have opted to not use Google Analytics, and to instead utilize which is a privacy first analytics tool.


Plausabile carries out all site measurements anonymously. They do not use cookies. They do not link you to your user profile, if you have created one for our website.

All the data is isolated to a single day only. There is no way to know whether the same person comes back to a site on another day.

Privacy First Ads

We do not have any banner ads on our website. We will never have any. Usability is one of our top goals. For this reason we made the decision to only ever show pre-roll ads on trailers and clips that we host. Just like with our analytics, we are taking a privacy first approach. You will not be served targed ads. There will be no cookies that show what ads you have watced or clicked on.


Thanks to we will eventually have a public analytics dashboard. All users will be able to see what we track.

We are also actively working on setting up a system that will allow users to publically see site revenu. We do not currently have any revenu, but when this changes, we will be transparent as to were these funds come from.

User Profile & Social Logins

There are only 4 things that we require to make a user account for you. An email address, a username, a name, and a password. For this reason the only thing we need from your social login is your email address to associate your account with our site. We will not use any information beyond that.