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The Writers

Below you will find all the great writers that work for Box Office Buz.

Alyson Lippert

Alyson is a writer living in Los Angeles, where she also watches a lot of Netflix and often says "it's so nice outside" from the comfort of her living room. When she's not tweeting, she's writing about pop culture on her website, Alyson's Association.

Andrew Chapados

Writer, PR professional and non-cheering sports fan with the ability to reference the previous roles of erroneous background actors.

Andrew Jones

Cinephile, movie-obsessive, film-stat-nerd and all-round awful taste man, Andrew tries to find the best and worst of the films out there, and usually ends up in the cold, empty middle ground.

Andrew Stern

Andrew Stern is a journalism student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with an extreme passion for movies.

Ankita Roy Choudhury

Fun and Ambitious. Aim to fulfil all the dreams as nothing is impossible. Writing is my passion.

Ashleigh Walmsley

An above-average movie fanatic with a range so varied it needs to be seen to be believed.

You'll find me at my local with a large popcorn combo clutching the admission ticket of the latest release.

Ashton Blagden

Ashton Blagden is working as a Community Manager at When He has leisure time, He utilizes that time in writing.

Ben Allen

Consumer of all thing geek. Ben spends his time playing video games, writing, pondering the Zelda timeline, and wondering when he will become a professional at all three. You can follow him on twitter @allen24ben

Bill Howard

A film fan since he was a wee child and received a full sized Terminator movie poster as a gift, Bill lives for movies. An avid collector of Blu-ray and DVD (and VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc before that), Bill also has his own review site, Fountain and has recently completed his first horror novel, 10 Minutes from Home. Bill is often a crusader for the films that no one likes or no one has heard of(he loves Ishtar, Superman Returns, the Star Wars prequels and almost all of the horror remakes...) and just wants everyone to share their love for movies instead of spreading their hate for them.

Chris Edwards

Long-time survivor of birth with three years' experience in film and entertainment writing. Somehow published with two of the UK's biggest newspapers – The Telegraph and The Times. My alternative style of film, TV and game criticism (hopefully) offers readers a different and amusing way to read about the world of entertainment. I reside in the greyness of London, so I'm a bit miserable. You can follow me on Twitter @CMEcontent.

Chris Suffield

Head writer at My passion for storytelling has been at the heart of all my work.

Daniel Faris

Daniel Faris is a graduate of the Writers Institute at Susquehanna University and a resident of Philadelphia. He makes his living as a blogger and freelance writer, and whenever he has spare time he geeks out about music on New Music Friday.

Das Hat

I've been a nerd since my mom first showed me Star Wars and I am damn proud of it. With a range of nerdly expertise from print media to table top gaming I can show you a whole new way of looking at the world, usually involving several people in spandex with super powers.

Donna Maurer

As an inspiring theatre actress in NYC, Donna has been creatively writing her way through acting school. Since attending her first Broadway show (Cats), Donna’s passion for performance and theatre has only grown. Currently, Donna is an active contributor on various theatre & film blogs and loves keeping up with industry news and pop-culture.

Erik Winther

With a degree in Video Production, Erik Winther hopes to get his big break as soon as possible. Till then he reviews movies and TV shows. For more of his work click here.

Jomi Jose

After working with several news dailies and pouring sweat into his social welfare initiative, Jomi Jose moved to Scotland. He is a part-time writer and a full-time reader. His short stories have been published in obscure magazines and may not show up on google search. He finds cooking and dish-washing therapeutic.

Joshua Mason

Joshua is a massive cinema fanatic from London. He specialises in Asian cinema and animation. He has written for a multitude of online publications and is delighted to be joining in with the conversation at Box Office Buz

Keri Ferencz

Keri Ferencz has a Master's degree in Popular Culture & is fully aware that this means she may never have a grown-up job. One of her favourite activities is spending an entire day at the cinema, and so she's very excited to be writing about movies for boxofficeBUZ. Her writing has also appeared on Pop Matters & Gaga Stigmata. Follow her adventures on Twitter at @keri_lotion.

Kevin Wang

I am a floating head with an advanced knowledge of all the contents of the known universe. FEAR ME!!! ... Or not... Which ever you decide really. It is totally up to you.

Kyla Garcia

Actress. Writer. Social Media Mermaid.

Kyla Garcia Vimeo Channel:
Subscribe to FiberFridays with Kyla and Casey:
The Musing Mermaid; Inspirational Blog:

Laura Petroff

A movie fiend since childhood, she started writing reviews when a sprained foot kept her in bed for a month. After that, she never stopped. She'd find life unbearable without science fiction, dogs and internet access. Writes in Spanish for Glitchy Frames and El Lado G, speaks about movies on the Pochoclo Extremo podcast.

Find her on twitter - @monkeylibrium

Lauren Thomas

I read, write, bake, knit, have two cats and often complain of sore joints. Pretty much I'm a 65-year old trapped in a 20-somethings body. Small differences I love the internet, movies (all movies, blood and gore to romance and rainbows - I'll take it all in) and am not yet lucky enough to have retired so I spend my days working in magazine production.

M.H. Green

Mr. Green is an unapologetic lover of video games and pepperoni pizza. He can often be found grinding for rare items with 1 percent drop rates in some kind of JRPG.

Mark Brian Hunter

Cinephile since 1980 when I saw Bambi on the big screen. Favorite film-makers include Martin Scorsese, Brian DePalma, Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, Billy Wilder, Abel Ferrara, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Tim Burton, Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, James Toback, Quentin Tarantino, PT Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Spike Jonze, Barry Levinson, Terrence Malick, Mel Brooks, Charlie Chaplin, Tony Scott, John Carpenter, Noah Baumbach, Sergio Leone, Sidney Lumet and many more. True genius at work, creating preserved pieces of art. Note to self: Watching movies is always better than not watching movies.

Marshall Fryman

Resident of Southern California. Writer, gamer and critic.

Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker is a horror and science-fiction buff who reviews movies and books on his website, Shattered Ravings ( He lives in Northwest Arkansas, an area that is (in his opinion) the best place to be during the zombie apocalypse, should it occur. He is a trophy-husband and a stay-at-home dad. In his spare time, Matthew writes fiction and makes short films.

May Kwan

This lady is apparently a double Major in Psychology and English literature with a minor in Anthropology. She spends most of her time rolling around in confusion in awe at the beauty of new narrative structures. Such new narratives include movies, television, animation, sequential graphic novel arts, video games and more.

Megan Thacker

Megan is a human who loves gaming, writing, clicking buttons on computers and eating pizza. She enjoys combining these interests for sites such as boxofficeBUZ and


I love to talk about the things I love!

Mitch A

Mitch is a graduate game designer and writer from Scotland interested in games focusing on the kind of topics that keep you up all night looking at ever-more-tangential Wikipedia pages.


Mx2writer has always found a way to keep writing about technology, be it through blogs, personal websites or book projects. He is also a competitive gamer, playing in all sorts of online and live tournaments. He follows the technological trends closely is still excited to discover what the industry has in store for the future. He currently lives in Canada.

Olatide Renee

I am a homeschooled teenager based in London, United Kingdom. I spend my free time learning, developing websites, playing tennis & video games, watching WWE, movies and TV Shows.I have a movie website which allows you to find different movies to watch!

Paul Sawchuk

Paul Sawchuk lives in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada and has studied film and popular culture at Brock University. An avid fan of television and film his interests include current trends and the changing landscape of in film and television, mainstream media including Hollywood and independent film and cable and network television models and the Internet as content publishing and distribution.

Pio Ferreras

Pio writes gaming and movie news for Box Office Buz. He wanted to make his bio more interesting, but couldn't think of hobbies to mention other than playing video games.


Paralegal by day, vampire slayer, demon hunter, zombie killer, tennis fan and protector of the sun and stars (no really, I was!) by night. Short, red headed, vegan and Scottish, I have all the minorities covered.

When I was growing up Nickelodeon had good role models like Clarissa Darling. I am a traditionalist and firmly believe that vampires should not sparkle and I have an action plan in place for the zombie apocalypse. I'm not really a 'girly-girl'. I love my action, fight scenes, sci fi and fantasy. My first proper TV 'love' was BTVS, before then I really wasn't fussed about missing a show. So really, Joss Whedon is to blame for my life today.

Rezan Ferdous

Hi, I am Rezan Ferdous. I own a website called There I post fresh and cool top lists on; umm .. lest say everything but no brainer.

Richard Bertin

Richard is a writer who spends his days working in the nonprofit industry by day and being tortured by the Knicks at night. He was born and raised in the Bronx and currently lives there with his wife and newborn daughter. When the baby goes to sleep he writes on film, sports, and culture at: and can be reached at [email protected]

Ryan Liu

Aspiring writer who loves to talk about anything movies and TV. Constantly on IMDB, I was roped into films at a young age when I saw, and became obsessed with Apollo 13. It made me want to become an astronaut, but when I got corrective lenses for my eyes, that dream died quickly. Now, you can find me continuing to deteriorate my eyesight by constantly watching as many movies and TV shows that I can, and I am loving it.


Sofia Viruly is a devourer of all things science fiction. She likes to think of herself as a mermaid when in fact she is a very disorganized high school English teacher who drinks too much tea. 

The Formal Review

I am simple guy who loves to watch and talk about movies. Will you enjoy your time at the movies? Read my reviews to find out!

The Reel Deal

Essential viewing for any film fanatic!! Presented by Becky Perfect, Amon Warmann & Joe Forrester! Directed by Hayleigh McGreene & edited by Stefan Milton. The Reel Deal

Tom Pischel

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