Mad Max High Octane Collection

This box set not only includes the original Mad Max trilogy, it also includes three versions of last year’s Oscar winner Fury Road, the standard blu ray, the Black & Chrome edition, and the 4K version.  This box set combines a classic beloved trilogy with the best ways to see the newest version, including hours of new content for fans of the series.  The Black & Chrome edition is a special version of Mad Max Fury Road, that is entirely in black and white.  This specially edited version of the film turns the colorful action movie into a much more bleak and stark retelling as the blue skies and orange dunes lose their color.  If the Mad Max fan in your life already has Fury Road and the Mad Max Trilogy, the Black & Chrome edition is available on its own and still a great gift.  Now we just need to wait for Warner Brothers to eventually double dip and give the original trilogy the Black & Chrome treatment for a whole set.

The Star Trek Trilogy Collection or the Star Trek Beyond Gift Set

While this box set doesn’t have a lot of razzle dazzle, it does include all three of the contemporary Star Trek films in one complete, shelf friendly package.  If the fan you’re getting a gift for already has the first two films, you can also get them the Star Trek Beyond Collector’s Edition, which includes a 4K version of the film, a standard blu ray version, a bonus disc, and a model of the USS Franklin.  Let’s be honest though, any fan of the new Star Trek series probably isn’t a model collector so stick with the trilogy collection.

The Ultimate James Bond Collection

The only James Bond films missing from this collection are the original made for TV movie Casino Royale, the Woody Allen film of the same name, Never Say Never Again, and SPECTRE (though it does have a space reserved for what Daniel Craig’s final appearance).  This set includes all 23 films across every era, and over 120 hours of bonus content.  Throw in a blu ray copy of SPECTRE, which released after the box set was released, and that’s a whole film library.  Alternatively, for the James Bond fan in your life who only prefers one era (Roger Moore) smaller collector’s set including only those films exist.

The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection

This box set collects 15 of the prolific director’s best and most famous films across 15 discs with bonus features.  The content included depends on the movie, with some of the discs including only the film, trailer, and the ability to bookmark your favorite scenes.  Other films, like the Birds, and Rear Window, and Psycho just to name a few, include documentaries, alternative scoring, and hours of bonus material.  Include Slavoj Zizek’s A Pervert’s Guide to Cinema for bonus points.

The Back to the Future Trilogy

2015 was the year that everyone pretended to remember Marty traveled to in the Back to the Future 2, taking the world by storm for all of a few weeks.  For the real Back to the Future fan, you can get this box set that includes all three of the films, the Back to the Future cartoon series, a collector’s booklet, and bonus content all in a neat little box that looks like a flux capacitor.

Star Wars

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  The original editions will never be re-released.  Disney would cash in on them in an instant if the company had the original prints, but the original prints were destroyed when George Lucas used them as toilet paper when his servant forgot to buy some rolls at the store.  The best we’re ever going to get is what we can only hope is the final re-release, the current blu-ray set, and none of us would ever advocate breaking the law by seeking out the Despecialized Editions to watch and cry one mournful Sunday.  You can either get all six of the Lucas movies on blu ray with special features, or you can get the good trilogy by itself.

The Harry Potter Box Set (UK Version)

It’s been a good year for fans of Harry Potter.  The polarizing novelization of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play released to mixed reviews, and the first of five Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films launches or will have debuted on November 17th.  This is a great box set for fans of the film series because it includes so much content, and a great way to introduce your children to the series before you drag them to a new Fantastic Beasts movie every year.  This 31-disc collection includes all 8 films on blu ray and DVD, plus an additional 15 discs with over 45 hours of bonus content.

The Collected Works of Hiyao Miyazaki

This box set includes Studio Ghibli’s greatest films, and would make a great gift for a child, anime fan, Disney fan, or fan of good films period.  It includes 11 films, including such favorites as My Neighbor Totoro, the Oscar winning Spirited Away, and Howl’s moving castle along with a disc of bonus content and a hardcover collector’s art book.  

Planet Earth the Complete Series

People lost their minds when Planet Earth 2 was announced this year.  So now’s the best time to introduce someone to the original Planet Earth on blu ray.  An essential box set, every episode captures nature’s collected glory in crystal clear 1080p.  Beautiful, educational, and best with David Attenborough’s iconic voice.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2

This giant box set includes every Phase 2 Marvel movie including Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant-Man on 3D blu ray, blu ray, and DVD.  So Phase 2 isn’t exactly the A tier of Marvel movies, but the Marvel fan in your life will love it anyway.  They’ll especially love the replica of the Morag Orb that contains the Infinity Stone of Power, the physical collectibles, and they’ll also love the bonus material only available in this box set.