As we watch the clock and count down the hours until the return of Jack Bauer one question has remained unanswered, is 24 back for good or is Live Another Day a 

high octane swan song for the nerve-shredding series.

In an interview with IGN, long term 24 producer has hinted that there could be more from Jack Bauer in the future if the limited series is well received.

“I think that if it's successful, if the audience is into it and we feel like there's more story to be told -- if we're still all talking to each other at the end of this -- ask me in six months. But the four-year hiatus since we went off has really taught us how special this show is, certainly to us, having done it. I think what's amazing is today we got some of the love back. People really dig the show, and they miss it.” 

Howard Gordon also teased a few details about the mysterious role that former Chuck star  Yvonne Strahovski plays.

“She's a CIA agent whose husband, a fellow CIA agent, is a traitor and was caught selling secrets. So she has been stained by his sin. She's being sent home, stateside, which is essentially the equivalent of "You're being sidelined for life." So she's a character who's in need of redemption herself, and she's very good at what she does. She essentially becomes the Tommy Lee Jones to Jack's Harrison Ford.”

The Super Bowl trailer titled ‘Street Choas’ went down a storm with fans, the action has been relocated to London with Jack now a fugitive from the American government. Kiefer Sutherland is back in his signature role and 24: Live Another Day debuts in the US on May 5 with a two hour premiere.