With the not so positive reviews coming in for Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice I was trying to think of superhero movies that did not do so well at the box office. Now , you may have read that and thought " No Sofia ! You are wrong Batman vs Superman made its box office numbers" . True you are , but it also holds the record for the biggest drop in earnings. Forbes did the maths and Batman vs Superman dropped 55% in its earnings from the Friday that it opened up till Sunday . So....it went from a staggering $82 million to $37 million. 

Now with that in mind I bring you 5 Superhero films that tanked at the Box Office.

1. Green Lantern ( 2011)

When Ryan Reynolds took on this role but geeks and fangirls alike were expecting good things. With a budget of $200 million and the film winning the 2010 Scream Queen award for Most Anticipated Film Green Lantern looked good to go. Go downhill that is. Critics hated it and when it just made $219.9 globally. So flop it is.

2. SuperGirl ( 1984) 

This is one of the ones when you grind your teeth together and pretend like it never happened. Half the cast won Rasberry awards for their bad acting , even Supergirl herself played by Helen Slater. The film cost $35 million to make and globally only earned $14.3 million.Ekkkkkk....

3. CatWoman ( 2004) 

Need I say more. Anyone who has watched superhero films knows about Halle Berry and how bad this movie was. Both critics and audiences were not kind  and when you hear that it made $100 million to make and only grossed $82 million, well its a sad case of spilt milk.

4.  Captain America ( 1990) 

Before Chris Evans got himself into the Captain America suit there was a failure of a movie in 1990. Starring Matt Salinger this attempt at the American hero did not go down well. It cost $10 million to make and only just made even with $10,173 in box office takings.

5. The Spirit (2008) 

You may not have heard of this one but its worth a note on our list. The Spirit was a 2008 film directed and written by the ever dark Frank Miller ( Sin City creator) . It follows the story of a masked detective who must take on his nemesis The Octopus. The film cost $60 million to make and only made $39 million at the box office. Both fans and critics were not wooed by this and Rotten Tomato gave it 14%.