We all know that with the end of school , holidays and all that jazz around the corner it's great to see that there is some exciting anime on its way . Why am I lying to myself and you guys , you don't need a reason or a season to watch anime. It is the gift that keeps on giving . So with that in mind here are 5 anime that are coming out this May - July and reasons why you should try and watch them. 

1.  Honobono Log 

This anime is one of those heartwarming ones that brings the wonders off a page onto TV. Based on the books on  Naka Fukamachi this anime will be made up of 2-minute episodes that will give us an insight into couples and close family relations. While it may not really be intense in terms of a long-running plot I do think that this is really sweet and the animation has tried to remain true to the illustrations in the book. Honobono Log will be released on the 7th of June.



2. Berserk 

This will not be the first adaptation of the manga by the same name. Berserk 2016 will have the same characters in the 1997 anime. The story follows Guts , a dark wondering mercenary who joins a group of fellow 'dark characters'. Along with his girlfriend, they are haunted by restless spirits. You can expect dark creatures as well as battles with sanity and insanity . This anime will be released on the 1st July.


3. B-Project: Kodō Ambitious 

If you are a fan of animes that revolve around the drama that comes with singing idols then this is your kind of anime. It is all musical and dramatic with fun characters and story lines.Tsubaki is a new music manager who is given 3 idol groups to look after. This is his first job and he needs to prove that he can handle all the craziness that comes with big personalities and drama. This anime will be released  on the 2nd July .


4.  Love Live ! Sunshine !!

This is another idol anime but gives you more of the high school drama that fans of 'slice of life anime' have come to love. Love Live ! Sunshine !! is set in a seaside high school that is losing students. With the decreasing student numbers, the school faces closure. 9 girls group together and decided to form an idol group in order to save their high school by making money as an all singing group. You can follow all their drama on the 2nd July.


5. Hatsukoi Monster

 Kaho Nikaidō finds herself in love with a handsome stranger in Hatsukoi Monster. But , as with all romances, there is something not quite right . Does this stop her from asking him out ? Nope , but she finds out the next day that her 1st boyfriend is a 5th grader. I am sure that there will be a lot of comedy in this show. This will be one to look out for when it is released also on the 2nd July .


So, I hope that there is a little something for everyone in this list. I think that I will be looking out for Hatsukoi Monster when it comes out in July. I know that the plot summaries may not be a lot to go by but we have to wait and see.