I love cats, cat video and anything cat -related actually. But, when movies come out with strange CGI and talking cats something in me recoils. Nine Lives ( 2016) is a film that is all that and more. Set for release on the 5th of August the film looks cutesy and full of 'family fun'. Director Barry Sonnenfeld ( The Addams Family) has taken the reigns on this comedy and with the all-star cast, we can only hope for good things.

Nine Lives tells the story of Tom Brand ( Kevin Spacey) a big time business man who is so busy making money that he has forgotten about his wife, played by Jennifer Garner and his daughter. And as with any movie about 'men - who-don't-know-what-they-have' he comes across an exotic pet shop owner ( Christopher Walken) who turns him into a cat. And how will he return to his flesh body? By proving that he is kind and good and all those other wonderful virtues that he lacked before. I do think that this plot is anything special, and we have seen it played over again in movies such as A Thousand Words. I don't really like the genre, and I think that it lends itself to some pretty simple comedy. I can already see litter box jokes and things about furballs.

So, while there is very little on Nine Lives, I do think it will be a mellow comedy with a few one-liners and a meme here and there. Anyone else excited for this, or is it one of those films that we watch on TV when nothing else is exciting, and the fridge is empty?