Fifteen years ago, two students from Stanford University founded Google as a privately held company. Last year alone, Google had a profit exceeding $10 billion. They have close to 45, 000 employees and are considered to be the most popular search engine worldwide.

Director Shawn Levy’s latest film, The Internship (available on DVD and Blu-Ray October 22nd ), focuses on two friends who are accepted at an internship program at Google. Played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, the pair of ne’er-do-wells must compete with other interns half their age in order to secure full-time employment.

This film is seen as a reunion of sorts, as Vaughn and Wilson had previously teamed up for the hugely popular Wedding Crashers (2005). In 2012, Levy also produced the Vince Vaughn/Ben Stiller vehicle The Watch.

“Both Vince and Owen are good, positive guys. We’re friends in real life, so it was a fun collaboration”, said Levy. “Vince and [Jared Stern] wrote a great script”.

Also appearing in the film is veteran actor John Goodman (The Big Lebowski, TV’s Roseanne). A fan of Goodman’s work over the years, Levy called him a real pro when it came to filming his scenes. Frat Pack  regular Will Ferrell (Old School, Anchorman)  is in the cast as well. “Will is a super sweet guy, just really funny. He did some great improv in the unrated cut”, said Levy.

Over the past decade, Levy’s films, including such blockbusters as Night at the Museum, The Pink Panther and Date Night, have grossed a reported $ 2 billion, making him one of Hollywood’s most commercially successful film-makers of recent years. “Though I’m both happy and proud of that”, said Levy, “I still wake up hungry every day, and look for ways to improve in the future”.

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1968, Levy (a self-proclaimed Habs fan), seemed excited about his up-coming projects. His next effort is the character dramedy This Is Where I Leave You, starring Jason Bateman and Tina Fey. Also on the horizon is Night at the Museum 3, scheduled for release on December 25th, 2014.