Whilst Batman has been written off as one of the DC male heroes in the pink spotlight by writer Scott Snyder we have to ask, which formerly Hetrosexual male hero will become a lover of the sausage rocket in the All New 52?

My money is on one of these two heroes: Aquaman or Nightwing.

One spends all his time with fish... who'd want to get sticky with a woman after that? You know what I mean... and NIghtwing was formerly Robin and we allllll know the rumours about Batman and Robin, he also has the issue of being raised in a circus, exposed to clowns all that time is enough to scare the straight out of anyone. :)

I wouldn't say that Aquaman and Nightwing are the most high profile characters that DC comics has to offer (But Nightwing is currently my fave of the All New 52) and since quotes from DC are very vague when it comes to this revelation due in June. There are rumours, that it may not even be one of the main characters... it may just be a supporting name like The Joker or someone with more clout. I don't think anyone would be surprised if the Joker came out though, I'd be pretty disappointed if it were planned out that way.

Everything points to this being a HUGE reveal but then again it could just be a way to draw readers back in, no one knows who it is, so fans of comics will be flocking back to the All New 52 to find out but will DC truly make this something to remember?

Will Superman switch to a pink S? Will Nightwing start dating a metrosexual that meets his own standards? or will Green Arrow be aiming slightly higher than the knee with a special suction arrow?

Who knows? One things for sure, I hope this happens in one of the All New 52 titles that I'm reading.... here are some other DC Big Boys who are also in the Pink Spotlight...