October is the month associated with Burton, mostly because it is the month that is also associated with Halloween. Since this is a retro segment, it can be assumed that I will be looking at Burton’s earlier work. In light of the Halloween spirit, I will be looking at Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.

The biggest misconception that people have is that Burton’s works are meant to be frightening. This is not the case. Nor is Burton’s work meant to be depressing. His movies have a dark tinge to them, but they are almost always light humoured. A Nightmare Before Christmas does not have a purpose to take a cheery holiday and make it grim (even though that is what Jack Skellinton ends up doing). That is not the original intent. This movie is about discovery, about stepping into a world that is not yours and trying to fit into it. It’s a movie about learning to accept the world around you. It plays on the cliché “the grass is greener on the other side”.  Even the characters that live in Halloween town are not “evil” characters. They are living the life that they know, and it is acceptable because that is what the purpose of Halloween is: to frighten. That is their main goal. None of the characters think about scaring people outside of the holiday. Instead they spend all their time planning on what would happen on that one day. Almost all of these characters are innocent, with the exception of the boogieman.

They style of Burton’s style is what lead to his reputation of being depressing.  He uses dark humour, and that was apart of his genius, especially in his earlier works.