Paramount Pictures has moved up the release to the highly anticipated sequel last year's horror smash hit A Quiet Place. The Emily Blunt led sequel was due to arrive in cinemas May 15, 2020. Instead, we will return to the world of A Quiet Place two months earlier on March 20.

The cause of Paramount's release date reshuffle has mostly been thanks to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. The recently released debut trailer was greeted with instant backlash over the look of the iconic Hedgehog. The fan outrage was so intense that the producers decided to overhaul the design for the titular character and delay the movie by four months. While it's great that Paramount opted to push the film to improve the character, it left a big gap for what the studio hoped would be a Detective Pikachu sized hit. Paramount has moved the John Cene led family drama Playing with Fire from March 20, 2020, to Sonic's now vacant November 8 release date.

We're going to get into a few spoilers for A Quiet Place here, so if you've not seen it yet, now is the time to look away. John Krasinski returns to direct and co-write the script; he won't be adding co-starring duties (beyond a flashback or dream sequence) as his character sacrificed himself to save his children. Both Noah Jupe, and breakout star Millicent Simmonds will be back as Abbot kids Marcus and Regan with Cillian Murphy joining the cast in a mysterious role.

Released last April, A Quiet Place scored rave reviews and strong word of mouth which generated a blockbuster $340 million worldwide. Costing an insanely reasonable $17 million to produce, A Quiet Place gave Paramount a sorely needed hit kick-starting an excellent year for the studio that rounded out 2018 with Bumblebee.

A Quiet Place 2 will creep into cinemas on March 20, 2020.