Paramount Pictures scored a much-needed win at the box office this weekend with A Quiet Place, and it exceeded even the most ambitious of estimates. The horror thriller directed by, co-written and starring John Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt initially was tracking an opening weekend in the $20-$25 million launch, but it pulled in $19 million on Friday alone. Saturday was as fruitful with $19.1 million, add to that the Sunday estimate of $11.8 million and A Quiet Place will come pretty close to a $50 millionopening weekend.

For comparison, Warner Bros' The Conjuring launched to $41.8 millionback in 2013, and its 2016 sequel clocked in at $40 million. Both Conjuring movies passed $100 million domestically, a figure that A Quiet Place is sure to match. Costing a modest $17 million to make, A Quiet Place is already a profitable venture for Paramount, after a rough couple of years the success should spur them on to double down on low-budget high-concept horrors.

Elsewhere in the US top ten,Ready Player One held up well in its second week with an estimated $25 million. Steven Spielberg's visually stunning adaptation of Ernest Cline's book has a current domestic total of $97 million. The international box office has claimed a whopping $294 million after just over a week for a global haul of almost $400 million. The costly $175 million production budget means there is still a way to go, but there is no denying these are impressive figures.

R-rated comedy Blockers starring Leslie Mann and John Cena also did better than expected coming in third place with an estimated $21.4 million for the weekend. Following in the footsteps of Game Night, Blockers goes to show there is still life in the R-rated comedy genre when it's done right. Black Panther slipped one place to fourth, after eight incredible weeks Black Panther has amassed more than $665 million in the US, and officially overtook Titanic as the third highest domestic box office of all time.