Paramount is finally moving forward with the first spin-off to A Quiet Place after the project was dealt a setback last year when writer-director Jeff Nichols left the movie. Nichols opted to work on his as-yet-untitled sci-project for Paramount, and the studio has spent the last few months looking for a new filmmaker. Well, the search is over as Pig director Michael Sarnoski is now in the hot seat.

If you've not seen Pig, I would strongly urge you to seek it out as it is without question the most nuanced performance from Nicolas Cage in quite some time. The premise may sound like a Taken spoof, Cage stars as a reclusive truffle farmer who goes on a frantic search for his beloved kidnapped pig. When I say Cage should get an Oscar nomination I mean it sincerely, while his prolific career sees him churn out movies where all the dialogue is either whispered or screamed, Pig is a very different Nicolas Cage reminding audiences he is capable of subtly and pathos. 

The appointment of Michael Sarnoski is a good indication that Paramount is looking for depth as well as a few PG-13 rated jump scares. While there are no details on the potential plot, I think it's fair to say we can expect to see a new group of survivors doing their best to get by and maybe making good use of the mighty audio weapon now available to them thanks to the Abbott family. 

The as-yet-untitled spin-off will arrive in cinemas before the sequel to last year's A Quiet Place Part 2; John Krasinski will return to direct the third and final instalment of the main saga. However, given the massive success of both movies on a small budget (by Hollywood standards), I very much doubt A Quiet Place Part 3 will be the end of the franchise. There have already been whispers of a potential TV series spin-off for Paramount+, and should the spin-off movie be a hit, then a sequel could be on the cards.