Paramount Television is continuing its partnership with Amazon to develop a TV series based on 90s sci-fi horror Event Horizon. Currently deep into post-production on the potentially delayed Godzilla vs Kong, filmmaker Adam Wingard (You're Next, The Guest) will serve as executive producer and is set to direct at least the pilot episode.

Released back in 1997, Event Horizon had a story full of potential with the titular experimental spaceship remerging after being missing for seven years. The ship is home to a one of a kind gravity drive capable of generating a black hole to travel in-between spacetime. When a rescue team (led by Laurence Fishburne as the gruff Captain) and the designer of the gravity drive (a superbly creepy Sam Neil) arrive, none of the original crew is onboard, and evidence suggests they met a bloodsoaked end. As it becomes clear the ship has travelled beyond the known universe, a powerful entity now holds dominion over the ship and begins tormenting the crew with their darkest fears. 

Directed by Paul W.S Anderson (Resident Evil), Event Horizon was unfairly treated by Paramount as they rushed the post-production (reportedly just six weeks) to meet a release date. The version that was shown in cinemas is a fun (yet disjointed) ghost house in space movie with lashings of gore even fans of Hellraiser would call a tad much. There were plans to restore more than ten minutes of footage for an extended cut, but back in 2011, it was revealed that none of the original footage existed anymore owing to poor storage. It might sound like a joke, but all the deleted scenes and extra footage had been left to rot in a salt mine in Transylvania. Seriously, that's what happened. I'm not sure if that's standard practice for films that flop at the box office, but I could think of several movies more deserving of being dumped in a Transylvanian salt mine. 

While it might not have left an impact on the 1997 box office, Event Horizon garnered a cult following in the years that followed. By no means a perfect movie, yet for all its flaws Event Horizon is drenched in gothic atmosphere, it's highly disturbing, and has a great supporting cast that includes Joely Richardson, Richard T Jones, Jason Isaacs, and Sean Pertwee.

Take from this what you will, it remains Paul W.S Anderson's best work, and it's the only film of his that I've watched multiple times. The idea of a spaceship that has travelled to a hell dimension beyond our universe that knows your deepest fears is brilliant, and one that deserves another attempt. There are no details on when the series will land on Amazon, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.