We open on Sydney and another member of the production crew watching the house guests via the camera feeds.  A female PA delivers food, and then leaves.  While Sydney is eating his food, Rory is murdered by the nurses on camera, but the other member of the production crew catches it.  He tells Sydney to rewind the footage, but they are interrupted by the female PA’s screaming.  They run outside, and find her with her throat slit, bleeding out.  Agnes springs from the bushes and disembowels Sydney, before chasing down the cameraman and killing him.  She picks up the camera and delivers a monologue.

We return to the house, where the guests are trying to find Rory.  They find the blood puddle from where he was murdered, but Audrey denies that he’s dead.  She explains that Rory had an audition, and must have left, with Sydney making it appear as though he had been murdered.  In the confession cam, we learn that she believes he’s left her for good due to their age difference.

Agnes is having a mental breakdown in the cellar.  She expresses regret for killing the PA, but continually shifts into the Butcher.  The lights go out, and when they come back on the cellar is full of the strange dangling wooden ornaments.  Agnes screams and the lights go out again.

The next day Dominic tries to seduce Shelby, but she rebuffs him.  Matt interrupts, and explains to both of them he doesn’t care, inviting them to have sex on the dinner table.  Dominic retreats to the confession booth where he reveals that Sydney has wired him up with a camera to be there in case someone confesses to the murder of Mason.

Shelby is crying in the master bedroom, when she finds the blood stained camera from the first murders of the episode.  Agnes appears, and attacks her.  She slashes Shelby down the shoulder and back.  Shelby records the attack believing she’s about to die, but Dominic saves her by shoving Agnes’s head through a window.  Agnes disappears, and the house comes to render aid to Shelby.

We’re told that an hour has passed, and that no medical help has arrived for Shelby.  The guests argue over who should go to get help, and Audrey, Lee, and Monet, the woman who played Lee in the reenactment, decide to go together to find Sydney or get help.  Lee reveals that she brought a gun for self defense and will shoot Agnes if she sees her, and Audrey asks her not to (because Audrey is a coward and an idiot).  They decide to use the secret tunnel to escape.

In the tunnel, they encounter the ghost of Edward Philippe Mott.  Lee shoots him four times, and he does not relent.  They escape into the woods, and Monet and Audrey freak out about what they’ve just seen.  Lee asks them if they believe her now, and they hint that they do.  They decide to continue to find the trailer with Sydney.

Matt and Shelby talk about their experiences.  Matt explains that their divorce wasn’t Shelby’s fault, that he had been missing something ever since they’d moved to the house.  Shelby says they both lost something.

The trio in the woods find the production trailer and the bodies of the production crew.  Agnes attacks, and Lee shoots her down.  They flee into the woods where they find the Butcher’s people on their way to the house.  The group runs and tries to hide from the Butcher and her people, and they happen to hide under Rory’s disembowled corpse hung from a tree.  While Audrey is losing her mind, they’re found by the Polks and captured.

Agnes is in the cellar again, and removes the bullet in her shoulder.

Matt enters a trance, and goes to the basement, followed by Dominic.  The witch is waiting for him.  The real witch is much less charming than Lady Gaga, and seems to speak in animal like roars and growls, and takes Matt by force.  Dominic runs to wake Shelby up, and takes her to the basement.  Shelby grabs a crowbar and attacks the witch, thinking that she’s raping Matt.  Matt stops Shelby, and tells her that he came back for the witch because she’s in love with her.  Shelby smashes Matt’s head in with the crowbar.

Lee is being held hostage by the Polks.  Ma Polk enters, and they season Lee’s leg.  Ma Polk presents a knife, Lee asks what she’s going to do, and Ma lets her know that she’s going to tenderize her.  Of course she stabs Lee in the leg.

Shelby is in the bathroom with Dominic having a breakdown over the fact that she just murdered her husband.  She tries to rationalize it, but Dominic breaks it down for her: Sydney is recording everything they do.  The best she can do is confess.

The Polks are doing coke as they hold Audrey and Monet hostage.  Ma Polk enters and offers them some of her jerky.  Audrey asks where Lee is, remembering how this went down in the TV show.  They torture Audrey and Monet until they eat the meat.

Agnes is outside of the house with gas cans, looking to start a bonfire.  She’s screaming up at Dominic and Shelby in the window, when the Butcher’s mob begins to appear behind her.  Agnes thanks them and welcomes them and calls them her brethren when she meets the Butcher.  She kneels, and begs the Butcher for Mercy, and the Butcher kills her by burying her cleaver in her head.

The episode ends.