The episode starts with Dominic and Shelby under siege in the house by the real butcher and her villagers.  Dominic is losing his mind, begging Sydney to send help for them.  They decide to escape through the secret tunnel, and seeing Matt’s body causes Shelby to break down.  When they make it to the tunnels, the Chens block their way.

Back at the Polks’ farm, Ma Polk is teaching one of her boys how to butcher meat using Lee.  Ma tells Lee about their family history.  We learn that they became cannibals after, during the depression in the 1920s, a rival family stole their last pig and feasted on it.  The Polks decided that their family would never go hungry again, and made the rival family their feast that night.

Later, the boy talks to Lee.  He tells her about the Polk Christmas, and how he’s too old to be a baby but too young to sleep with his mother like his older brothers.  The boy tells the story about Kincaid Polk, a member of their family who went to Chicago to take their pigs to slaughter.  He became a serial killer inspired by Piggy Man, and later inspired the Pigman urban legend from American Horror Story: Murder House.

The boy offers Lee some cocaine to take the edge off because she’s about to be butchered again.  She initially refuses, saying she’s an addict.  After a monologue about how she’s going to die anyway, she snorts a line of coke.

Back at the house Dominic and Shelby are running from the Chens.  They escape to the kitchen, and Shelby has a breakdown because she murdered Matt.  Dominic convinces her to push forward, but he is attacked by the Piggy Man.  Shelby stabs the Piggy Man.

They run to the master bathroom, and both have mental breakdowns.  Dominic is worried about escaping, but Shelby is worried about the fact that she killed Matt.  Shelby spontaneously slices her own throat and bleeds out, leaving Dominic alone.

Lee asks to see Flora before she dies, and tells the boy to show her the photo in her pocket.  She then asks to speak to Flora, and the boy places the camera down for Lee to speak into.  She records for Flora a confession of her murder of Mason.

The boy tells Lee that he likes her, a classic kidnapper mistake, and she seduces him.  She convinces him to untie one of her hands, another classic kidnapper mistake, so that she can give him a handjob.  She quickly takes the boy down by squeezing his genitals and then stabs him in the head.

Back at the house Dominic has a sad heart to heart with the cameras in the bathroom, talking about all the things he was going to do.

The older two Polk brothers are torturing Audrey and Monet.  Monet offers to take them back to Shelby and Matt to kill, but they don’t want that.  We learn that the Polks believe that the reason they aren’t attacked by the ghosts are the necklaces made of teeth that they wear, and that they’re going to take their teeth.

They restrain Monet, and as they’re about to take her teeth, her chair breaks.  One of the Polk brothers leaves, and Monet beats the other.  Ma Polk investigates and tells the boys to chase after Monet.

Audrey and Ma Polk take turns insulting each other.  Ma Polk manages to take one of Audrey’s teeth.  When she’s about to go for another tooth, Lee reveals herself and incapacitates her.  Ma Polk dies laughing while Audrey kills her with a hammer, and the two escape.

We see footage of the Polk brothers chasing Monet.

Lee and Audrey arrive back at the house, and find Matt’s body.  Lee has a breakdown.  Audrey manages to carry her upstairs and gives her some prescription painkillers.  Audrey goes to the bathroom to get some water, and finds Shelby’s body.  Dominic tells them that Shelby killed herself, but they don’t believe him.  He tells them that Shelby killed herself because she killed Matt, but they don’t believe him.

Lee threatens him to leave, and forces him into the hallway, locking the door on him.  The Pig Man appears behind Dominic, and he pleads for them to open the door.  They don’t, and Audrey listens in horror as Dominic is butchered by the Pig Man, begging Lee to open the door.

The next morning Lee tells Audrey they need to go back for their cameras, explaining that if taken out of context the footage of Audrey killing Ma Polk will ruin her life.  We know that Lee really wants to go back because she confessed to Mason’s murder.  They go downstairs, and try to leave through the front door.

The Pig Man is standing in the front door when they open it.  Lee attacks the Pig Man, and he yells for her to stop and says it’s him.  He removes the pig mask, and Audrey recognizes him as Gillion or Gideon.

The episode ends.