Disney is looking to build franchises out of some of their live-action remakes with Deadline confirming that Aladdin 2 is officially in development. Hitting cinemas last summer, the success of Aladdin was something of a surprise considering the backlash the first trailer caused. Our first glimpse of Will Smith as the Genie caused spirited online discussion, and perhaps a few nightmares. However, audiences fell under the spell of Aladdin and grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. 

As to what the sequel will be, it could follow in the footsteps of the animated sequel The Return of Jafar, or Aladdin and the King of Thieves. The latter saw the return of Robin Williams as Genie after settling a long-standing feud with Disney. Both could form the basis for a live-action sequel, or the newly hired writers John Gatins (Real Steel) and Andrea Berloff (Straight Outta Compton) will just create something entirely fresh. It remains unclear if Guy Richie will be back to direct the sequel, he's currently working on action-thriller Cash Truck that will see him reunite with Jason Statham for the first time since Snatch.

I can't call myself a fan of Disney's live-action remakes, aside from extreme misgivings about calling The Lion King 'live-action', none of them have genuinely felt like they needed to exist. The Jungle Book (for me) was the closest they've come to a live-action remake that retained the heart of the original. 2019 was a very good year for The Mouse House with seven films reaching $1 billion+ at the global box office. Add to that Avengers Endgame dethroned Avatar as the biggest movie of all time, and 2019 was one heck of a way for Disney to end the decade. Naturally, the bar has been set pretty high, and the successes of 2019 aren't something that even Disney could sustain.