A very different bunch of space set misfits have knocked the Guardians of the Galaxy from the number spot at the US box office. Alien Covenant narrowly bested the Guardians over the weekend with an estimated opening weekend of $36 million.

There's no way to dress up the fact that Covenant's opening is well below the $51 million that Prometheus enjoyed back in 2012. Naturally, the tepid response to Ridley Scott's first Alien prequel has played a part in what Fox will class as a disappointing opening weekend for Covenant. Many fans felt that Scott's high-brow musings on creation had no place in the Alien universe, and they've likely stayed away from the new movie. Which is a shame as while it's still a flawed movie, Covenant is a vast improvement on Prometheus and does bring the fear back to the franchise.

On a more positive note, Covenant cost a modest $97 million compared to the $130 million spent on Prometheus, so that means Covenant doesn't need to make as much to be considered a hit. Plus, the majority of the $403 million Prometheus accumulated was from the international box-office, and Covenant has already banked more than $81 million overseas. As long as Covenant can match Prometheus' global haul, we should be back in the Alien universe within the next two years.

After two weeks at the top, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 crossed another global milestone by passing the $700 million mark. Vol.2 is now in touching distance of surpassing the $773 million that the first movie made back 2014. Next stop $1 billion? Only time will tell, but it does look like a forgone conclusion.

After a diabolical opening last weekend, Guy Richie's King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword is showing no signs of improvement. The expensive epic has generated $93 million worldwide so far and is looking like it's going to cost Warner Bros more than $120 million in losses.

Next weekend sees the release of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales which is receiving some unexpectedly positive reviews. Over the same Memorial Day weekend last year, Johnny Depp starred in another high-profile Disney sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass. Naturally, Disney is hoping that their new Depp fronted sequel won't suffer the same disastrous box office fate as Alice. Even Hollywood insiders are casting their opening weekend predictions for Pirates wide with estimates ranging from $70-$90 million. We'll have to wait until the end of next weekend to see if Pirates 5 can sink or swim.