After a modest US launch last weekend, Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant has dropped a massive 71% at the US box office. Significant drops like this are common for big studio movies, but Alien Covenant ranks as one of the all-time highest second-weekend dips for a major release.

Taking just $10.5 million for the four-day weekend, Covenant has a current US tally of $57 million, just $6 million more than what Prometheus managed in its opening weekend back in 2012. Considering it is now unlikely that Covenant will crack $100 million domestically, the fate of the franchise now rests in how much the movie can generate internationally.

As it stands, Covenant doesn't appear to have much of a chance of matching the $403 million haul of Prometheus. Forbes estimated that Covenant would end up with a global total in the $270 million area. Should that turn out to be true, there's every possibility that 20th Century Fox might reconsider Scott's direction for the franchise.

I love the Alien mythology, but it's a franchise that officially has more bad than good. I will fight tooth and claw to defend David Fincher's Workprint (director's cut) Edition of Alien 3; it was the triple whammy of Ressurection and the Alien Vs Predator spin-offs that dragged the franchise down. Scott was always going to have a tough time convincing fans to get onboard with a prequel to his 1979 masterpiece.

I was all for Scott revisiting the world he forged; he promised to finally answer one of the oldest questions in Alien history, what are the Space Jockeys? The tagline literally promised that 'questions will be answered,' so when new questions were asked, and few answers were provided, some fans were a shade miffed. A few were left confused, but everybody wanted to know why Charlize Theron's character was only able to run in a straight line.

There is so much in both Prometheus and Covenant to love, the visual style, the sheer ambition, and eventually, the return of the iconic Xenomorphs and Facehuggers. Covenant is a vast improvement on Prometheus in delivering the Alien prequel fans wanted to see. Filled with genuine dread, a few moments of horror, and at least two human characters to root for, Covenant is a modest return to form. However, I couldn't shake the feeling it was more greatest hits than something fresh and original. Or at least as fresh and original as you can within a near forty-year-old franchise

The lack of love for Prometheus has undoubtedly harmed Covenant's box office, which is a shame as it's?a far more entertaining movie. I accept that I may sound slightly conflicted about Covenant, but this is a franchise I have loved for more than twenty years, and I think I'm incapable of giving up on it. I even saw the Alien vs. Predator sequel at the cinema; thankfully it was a near empty screening so only four other people could hear me sob into my oversized bucket of popcorn.